Rebecca Manson

United States 1989


Rebecca Manson
Rebecca Manson
United States
February 28, 2015

Rebecca Manson is a New York-born artist, known for her porcelain sculptures and wall reliefs that are constructed from small bits of extended ceramic shapes, resembling skeletons, bones or various everyday objects.

Manson was born in New York in 1989. She attended Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), in Providence, RI, where she took a lot of furniture classes, some print making classes, and art history. Eventually, ceramics become the place where the artist felt the most free and that became her major. She got her BFA in Ceramics in 2011.

Rebecca Manson makes a series of marks and strokes with small bits of clay, in varying shades of off-white with hints of color. These small gestural marks Manson then combines into her large-scale sculptures and wall reliefs. Manson’s porcelain and epoxy wall pieces appear as ‘sculptural paintings’ in their shape, form and context. Comprised of many individual small thin elongated ceramic shapes resembling nails, the totality of these works have the physicality of human skeletons and collections of small bones. Sometimes resembling an archaeological excavation, the resulting sculptures are simultaneously haunting and elegant.

Before her present recognizable style of ceramics, Manson’s work was focused on balance and getting things to stand on two feet. That was a huge struggle especially working with heavy, sharp, and delicate things. Working with the subject matter, the idea of bones and the idea of attaching these different limbs together very much came from working at the museum of Natural History, where the artist did fabrication work in the exhibition department.

Through porcelain sculptures of skeletons and bones, a spectrum of social structures are depicted. In abstract works, simple lines form a woven fabric of limbs, and in which with the loss of one seemingly insignificant bone, the whole tapestry would weaken. In her artist statement, she explains that her work explores the power that people have when they come together, whether it be benevolent or threatening. As the artist herself states, ‘Relationships between the objects echo the relationship between the viewer and the work, tied by a shared intimacy. Through form and surface, I investigate the ways in which memories are built and stored in the home.’

Rebecca Manson’s first solo exhibition was in 2011, titled The Body Breaks. Since then, her work was featured in several group and solo exhibitions across the United States.

Manson currently lives and works in Bedford Hills, NY.

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumGroup/Solo
2015Hard and SoftACME Gallery, Los Angeles, CAGroup
2015Shaping the 2%San Diego Mesa Art Gallery, San Diego, CAGroup
2015RISD: Radical Interventions of Systems and DisconnectionsMemorial Hall, Providence, RIGroup
2015Line Describing a ConeKatonah Museum of Art, Katonah, NYGroup
2014Rebecca Manson and Laina Terpstra99 Cent Gallery, Brooklyn, NYSolo
2014The Season Of SpringFlower Pepper Gallery, Pasadena, CAGroup
2013OverviewGatov Gallery, Long Beach, CASolo
2013USPS-LAHouston Community College Art Gallery, Houston, TXGroup
2013Make ShowArts Council for Long Beach, Long Beach CAGroup
2013Denatured Nature: 69th Scripps Annual ExhibitionRuth Chandler Williamson Gallery, Claremont, CAGroup
2012The HorrorA. Thomas Ferreira Gallery, Long Beach, CASolo
2012Fragile MeasuresResearch and Development Gallery, Los Angeles, CASolo
2012InterviewsCurio, Venice, CAGroup
2012Witness TreesOyster Bay Historic Society, Oyster Bay, NYGroup
2011The Body BreaksA. Thomas Ferreira Gallery, Long Beach, CASolo
2011Ceramics and Painting Thesis ShowWoods Gerry Gallery, Providence, RIGroup
2011In Pursuit of PorcelainFerrin Gallery, Pittsfield, MAGroup
2011Treasure IslandBenson Hall Gallery, Providence, RIGroup
2011Beyond the BrickyardArchie Bray Foundation, Helena, MNGroup
2010Leaving RoomMemorial Hall Gallery, Providence, RIGroup
2010RISD Expose210 Westminster Street, Providence, RIGroup
2010Ceramics TriennialWoods Gerry Gallery, Providence, RIGroup
2010Witness Tree ProjectHampton National Historic Site, Hampton, MDGroup
2010Clay In JapanKurumaki Gallery, Kashihara, JapanGroup
Hard and Soft at ACME

Four internationally recognized women artists, known for their works in ceramic sculptures will have their works exhibited at the ACME. Gallery in Los Angeles.

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