Reginald Aloysius

Sri Lanka 1970


Reginald Aloysius
Reginald Aloysius
Sri Lanka
March 22, 2016

As a student of economy and politics, Reginald Aloysius got interested in the subject of globalization and its consequences. What are the direct impacts of the world becoming a global village on people and cultural traditions? Born in London, Aloysius is of Tamil and Sri Lankan origins. When he graduated from The Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art, he ventured deeper into the before mentioned subject. Traveling through India and Sri Lanka, he gathered a large quantity of data which he used for his art.Combining his knowledge, gathered source material, and drawing style, he creates art pieces which have an intellectual and traditional impression.

Combining his knowledgeand drawing style, his work has an intellectual and traditional impression.

Reginald Aloysius - 9W2724 (Detail), Photo Credits:
Reginald Aloysius – 9W2724 (Detail), Photo Credits:

Reversed Subject and Background

His art pieces are double layered, with detailed temple drawings in the background and sharp lines in the front. Sharp lines being in the front, are the main focus of the art pieces and they are responsible for the technical element. Aloysius reversed the function of these two layers. It is expected for the temple drawings as the subject of the art to be in the front, but they are used as a background for the more noticeable color lines and other miniature details. Because of this, the viewer needs time to understand each art-piece. On the first look, they will look abstract, but if given enough time, temples, trees and rocks will form in the background. As if they are slowly emerging from a deep fog, while the lines are piercing flashes of light which constantly play in the foreground.

His art pieces are double layered, with temple drawings in the background and sharp lines in the front

Reginald Aloysius - Study 28 (Detail), Photo Credits:
Reginald Aloysius – Study 28 (Detail), Photo Credits:

Preserving Tradition

Except for the visual role this double layered technique has, the second one is uniting modernity and tradition. The traditional temples are the foundation of the drawings, while modernity enters later, through the precise vectors which are based on airline flight paths. Aloysius doesn’t only combine modern and traditional; he also implements the time aspect of the development. Temples function as background, by which they come first on an art-piece, same as tradition comes before modernity and has an influence on the later. Tradition has an influence on the creation of modernity, but after modernity is completed, it starts to impact its forbearer. This impact can vary – from a simple modification to complete destruction of tradition. This is the influence of globalization Aloysius tries to show in his work; demystifying globalization as an innocent process which brings only good. In order for something new to be born, the old must be adjusted. It either needs to be moved to the background and be preserved or completely erased.

Beside combining modern and traditional; he also implements the time aspect of the development

Reginald Alysious - Vishnu (Detail) - Photo Credits:
Reginald Alysious – Vishnu (Detail) – Photo Credits:

Responsible Development

Globalization brings novelties to people’s life, enabling us to be informed not just about our own culture, but also about every other which exists or has existed. Because of this, the phenomenon of development has a high value for humanity. But the other side of the coin must not be ignored. The ability to evolve brings the responsibility of preserving the elements which came before. Aloysius’s work has two functions: one is preservation and the second one is to serve as a reminder for everybody else to do the same thing – to develop through the creation and not through destruction.

He is represented by The Cat Street Gallery in Hong Kong.

Reginald Aloysius lives and works in London, England.

Featured image: Reginald Aloysius – 7kg (Detail), 2015 – Photo Credits

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2011nBio/CVnReginald S. AloysiusnBorn 1970nLives and works in LondonnnnReginald S Aloysius is a British Tamil Sri Lankan born in London and while initially beginning his studies in Economics and Politics at Manchester University it is this background that has informed his work exploring themes of globalisation, emigration, and destruction of tradition.nAloysius travels extensively throughout Asia in particular India and Sri Lanka in order to document much of his source material. nnAfter graduating from The Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art, Oxford University Aloysius spent many years freelancing as an Art Technician working directly with artists across Europe before completing a Masters at Kingston University on a research based drawing programme.nnnn2005-2007 Kingston University, MA in Drawingn1994-1997 Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art, BFA Hons, Oxford Universityn1993-1994 Camberwell School of Art and Design (Foundation)nnForthcoming exhibitions:nnSingapore Art Fair, Singapore, 2016 nSolo show at the Cat Street Gallery, Hong Kong, 2016 (dates tbc)nnnSolo exhibitions:nn'Cultural Memorials', Hempel Galleries, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 2015n'New Work', Master Piper, London, UK, 2010nnnSelected Group exhibitions:nnn2015nnNational Open 2015, London, Oct-Nov, Pallant House Gallery, Chichester, Nov-Dec, 2015 (First Prize)nSignal 8 Salon Show, The Cat Street Gallery, Hong Kong, 2015nOpen West 2015, The Wilson Gallery, Cheltenham, UKn'Eccentric Spaces', Gallery @ Foyles, London (curated by Future City)n'Collection of Small Paintings', The Contemporary London, LondonnLondon Art Fair, Art Projects with BEARSPACE Gallery, London nn2014nn'Serendipity Revealed', Brunei Gallery, SOAS, London nFlyways, C&C Gallery, London (2 person show alongside Yiannis Christakos)nRoyal Academy Summer Exhibition, London, 2014 (invited artist)n'Archaeologies', Griffin Gallery, London, UK, 2014 nArt 14 Art Fair, 'EMERGE' , BEARSPACE Gallery, London, UK, 2014 n'Making History', Colombo Art Biennale 2014, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 2014nn2013nn'Refresh', BEARSPACE Gallery, LondonnDerwent Drawing Prize, Mall Galleries, Londonn‘Open Drawing', One Church Street Gallery, Great Missenden, Bucksn'Wider than a postcard', Breeze Block Gallery, Portland, Oregon, USA nn2012nnCrash Open 2012, Charlie Dutton Gallery, (2012)nZeitgeist Open 2012, Zeitgeist ArtProjects, London, 2012nOne Church Street Gallery Open, Great Missenden, Bucks, 2012 (Joint Award winner)nNational Open Art Exhibition, Minerva Theatre, Chichester and The Princes Foundation Gallery, London, 2012n‘Scaffolding Tradtion’, Noble Sage Gallery ( solo show) , London, 2012 n‘Space//Form’, Breeze Block Gallery , Portland, Oregon, USA 2012n‘Wanderlust’ ,Reginald S Aloysius and Jane Ward , BEARSPACE Gallery London, 2012n‘Brave New World’, Art Projects @ London Art Fair-BEARSPACE Gallery 2012nn2011nnJerwood Drawing PrizeJerwood Space, LondonGroup
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