contemporary art

Regine Schumann

Germany 1961

Installation, Minimal Art, Kinetic Art

Regine Schumann
Regine Schumann
February 23, 2015

Regine Schumann is a German visual artist, recognized for her artworks in which light, and its transformative powers in particular, plays a key in the experience and exploration of color and form. Schumann’s innovative use of materials and color combinations provides each work with a unique and ineffable luminosity.

Schumann was born in 1961 in Goslar, Germany. She studied at the University of Visual Arts in Braunschweig under the professor and painter Roland Dörfler. Regine has won many scholarships with different institutions, such as the DAAD, The Heitland Foundation, the federal states of Niedersachsen and Westphalia, as well as with the Ministry of Education and Science of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Regine Schumann constructs simple boxes and tubes from industrial materials. Ranging from series of simple acrylic boxes to amalgamations of coiling tubes that spiral down from the ceiling, her sculptures are greatly influenced by architecture in their graceful forms and geometric precision. While the individual surfaces, shapes and bodies seem to preserve a constancy, their colors conveys a fluctuating character, a kind of physically tangible resonance experience, confusing the senses with the radiant intensities as a color echo in the room. Tiny boxes jutting out from the wall, groups of parallel panels, and monumental slabs work together to create an altogether harmonious and graceful effect.

In daylight, the streamlined blending of transparent and opaque surfaces in each work interacts in a playful study of light and form. Due to Schumann’s use of phosphorescent paint, under black light, her sculptures are transformed into glowing, mysterious objects that radiate through the darkness. Once the lights go out, suddenly colors are shift and surfaces seem to dissolve into nothingness, surrounded only by a glowing outline. In addition to her analysis of light, color, and surface, Schumann’s work also references Minimalism’s interest in simplifying art to basic forms. Her oeuvre consists of many compelling juxtapositions of circles and rectangles, dramatic linearity and dynamic curvilinear forms that are especially highlighted under the aura of black light. These duplicitous encounters with Schumann’s sculptures allow for an ever-changing viewing experience.

Schumann has had numerous solo exhibitions in Europe, Canada, and the US. Her work is included in a number of permanent collections such as the Kunstmuseum Celle in Germany, the Rheinisches Landesmuseum in Bonn, Germany, and Stroom Stiftung Den Haag in Netherlands, among others, and in several important private collections worldwide.

Regine Schumann currently lives and works in Cologne, Germany.

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumGroup/Solo
201310 Years of Galerie Bernd A. LausbergGalerie Lausberg, DusseldorfGroup
2013No PaintGallery Sonja Roesch, HoustonGroup
2013The Space Between The StarsScream, LondonGroup
2012LuminousDe Buck Gallery, New YorkSolo
2012JumpKunstmuseum Heidenheim, GermanySolo
2011Touch MeGallery Rafael Perez Hernando, MadridSolo
2011Connect, Back to BackGallery Baumgarte, Bielefeld, GermanySolo
2011The Marfa QueenHaus Chelsea, Sylt, GermanySolo
2011ChameleonGallery Sonja Roesch, HoustonSolo
2011LollipopGalerie Lausberg, MiamiSolo
2011Niederlandische SavanneKunstmuseum Schwerin, GermanyGroup
2011Streng GeometrischMuseum Moderner Kunst Karnten, KlagenfurtGroup
2011Sugar MountainGalerie Tom van den Berge, Goes, The NetherlandsGroup
2011Spektrale 2011Licht und Farbe in Wissenschaft und Kunst, Rheingoldhalle Mainz, GermanyGroup
2011Winter ThawGalerie Lausberg, TorontoGroup
2011Transparency-Looking ThroughVassarely Museum, BudapestGroup
2010Step by StepGalerie Lausberg, DusseldorfSolo
2010Black BoxMuseum Ritter, Waldenbuch, GermanySolo
2010Astronominnen-Frauen, die nach den Sternen greifenFrauenmuseum, BonnGroup
20102nd International Andre Evard Art Prize from the Messmer FoundationKunsthalle Messmer, Riegel am Kaiserstuhl, GermanyGroup
2010Gabriele Munter PrizeMartin-Dropius-Bau, Berlin and Frauenmuseum, BonnGroup
2009Leuchtstucke DAKunsthaus Gravenhorst, Horstel, GermanySolo
2009ChameleonGalerie Renate Bender, MunichSolo
2009ChameleonGalerie van den Berge, Goes, The NetherlandsSolo
2009LeuchtstuckeAllgemeiner Konsumverein, Braunschweig, GermanySolo
2009Glow WormsAnn Norton Sculpture Gardens, West Palm BeachSolo
2009LeuchtstuckeZaum Projects Contemporary Art, LisbonSolo
2009Paradies-der dreizehnte Gesang, Lo spirito dal lagoIsola Bella,Lago Maggionre, ItalyGroup
2009Die Farbe BuntGalerie Lausberg, DusseldorfGroup
2009SummerfiresGalerie Lausberg, TorontoGroup
2009Next Post. 18 Solo ProjectsRupert Ravens Contemporary, NewarkGroup
2008Mitten ins HerzGalerie Baumgarten, Freiburg, GermanySolo
2008And then there was lightLausberg Contemporary, TorontoSolo
2008Im anderen LichtGalerie Bernd Lausberg, DusseldorfSolo
2008Strahlkraft LichtzauberKunstmuseum Celle, GermanyGroup
2008GegenstandlosGesellschaft fur Kunst und Gestaltung, BonnGroup
2008Nuit blanche - All night contemporary artBellwood Park, TorontoGroup
2008Die Rationale IIFrauenmuseum Bonn, GermanyGroup
2008Grell-gruenKunstverein Offenburg, GermanyGroup
2008Visual MoodsStadsgalerij Heerlen, The NetherlandsGroup
2007-2008222glow wormsMarket Hall, Guernsey, UKSolo
2007LeuchttunnelNassauische Sparkasse, Wiesbaden, GermanySolo
2007DreizueinsKunsthalle Reckinghausen, GermanyGroup
2007Kunst & WunderkammerCultuurcentrum Scharpoord, Knokke-Heist, BelgiumGroup
2007TransluzidGalerie Renate Bender, MunichGroup
2007Das Viereckige Rot?Galerie Albert Baumgarten, Freiburg, GermanyGroup
200710 Visies op HotelkamersMotel Insomnia, KSG Terrain, Vlissingen, The NetherlandsGroup
2006-2007LichtkunstKunstmuseum Celle, GermanySolo
2006-2007BSTR*CTKunstruimte 09, Groningen, The NetherlandsGroup
2006Day and NightGesellschaft fur Kunst und Gestaltung, BonnSolo
2006SummerbreezeGalerie Scheel, Sylt, GermanySolo
2006Regine SchumannRavenstein Gallery, BrusselsSolo
2006Third International Painting PrizeMuseo de Bellas Artes de Castellon, SpainGroup
2005-2006Night OwlsCentrum Kunstlicht in de Kunst, Eindhoven, The NetherlandsSolo
2005Regine SchumannGalerie Scheel, Sylt, GermanySolo
2005Regine SchumannGalerie Baumgarten, Freiburg, GermanySolo
2005Regine SchumannGalerie in Situ, Aalst, BelgiumSolo
2005Visitors and ColormirrorsGalerie Lutz Rohs, Duren, GermanyGroup
2005Gekleurde VormgevingStedelijk Museum, Aalst, BelgiumGroup
2005RAIGalerie in Situ, Aalst, BelgiumGroup
2005Group ShowAtelier340Museum, BrusselsGroup
2005Colour FairSikkens Foundation, AmsterdamGroup
2004Regine SchumannGalerie cp, Wiesbaden, GermanySolo
2004Group ShowKunsthalle des Landesverbandes der Galerien, FrankfurtGroup
2004PapierarbeitenStadtisches Museum Villa Zanders, Bergisch-Gladbach, GermanyGroup
2004Contemporary Art from GermanyEuropaische Zentralbank, FrankfurtGroup
2004Expanded PaintingGalerie in Situ, Aalst, BelgiumGroup
2004KunstlichtE-Werk Hallen fur Kunst, FreiburgGroup
2003Regine SchumannSMAK, Gent, BelgiumSolo
2003Regine SchumannLeopold-Hoesch Museum, Duren, GermanySolo
2003Regine SchumannGalerie Lutz Rohs, DurenSolo
2003Regine SchumannGalerie in Situ, Aalst, BelgiumSolo
2002-2003Regine SchumannGalerie Scheel, Sylt, GermanSolo
2002-2003Lore Bert und LichtkunstlerGalerie Proarta, ZurichGroup
2002Stilwerk DusseldorfGalerie & Hoffmann, Friedberg, GermanySolo
2001Regine SchumannStadtmuseum Oldenburg, GermanySolo
2001Regine SchumannJapanisches Kulturinstitut, CologneSolo
2001Regine SchumannGalerie in Situ, Aalst, BelgiumSolo
2001Regine SchumannKunsthalle Koblenz, GermanySolo
2001Regine SchumannKunstfabrik Gross-Gerau, GermanySolo
2001Art Galleries in Aalst from 68 till TodayStedelijk Museum Aalst, BelgiumGroup
2000-2001Experiment FarbeGalerie Hoffmann, Friedburg, GermanyGroup
2000Regine SchumannGalerie Okinawa, JapanSolo
2000Regine SchumannGalerie CHIKA, TokyoSolo
2000Regine SchumannMarielies Hess-Stiftung e.V. im Hessischen Rundfunk, FrankfurtSolo
2000Regine SchumannArtothek, CologneSolo
2000Ten Years Gallery CHIKAGallery CHIKA, TokyoGroup
1999-2000Regine SchumannDe Vierkante Zaal, Sint-Niklaas, BelgiumSolo
1999Regine SchumannGalerie Lutz Rohs, Duren, GermanySolo
1999Group ShowGalerie W3, Vlissingen, HollandGroup
1998Regine SchumannGalerie in Situ, Aalst, BelgiumSolo
1998Met ElkaarKunstcentrum Sittard, GermanyGroup
1998Olevano Arte NovantottoVilla de Pisa, Olevano Romano, ItalyGroup
1998Scene CologneKunsthalle Koblenz, GermanyGroup
1997SequenzMagazin fur audiovisuelle Projekte, FrankfurtSolo
1997Malerei – Die Letzen JahreGalerie Ulrich Mueller, CologneGroup
1996-1997Wieder sehenKunstverein Hannover, GermanyGroup
1996Regine SchumannGalerie in Situ, Aalst, BelgiumSolo
1996Aspect ColourGalerie in Situ, Aalst, GermanyGroup
1996OrtswechselKunstverein Aschaffenburg, GermanyGroup
1996In SituWatertower, Vlissingen, HollandGroup
1995FarbeGalerie Ulrich Mueller, CologneGroup
1995Kunstpreis junger WestenKunsthalle Recklinghausen, GermanyGroup
1995OrsterminOrangerie Herrenhausen, HannovweGroup
1994Regine SchumannGalerie Ulrich Muller, CologneSolo
1994ResistentHawerkamphalle, MunsterGroup
1994ConfrontiSala 1, RomeGroup
1993Kunst in TreppenhausMinisterium fur Wissenschaft und Kunst, HannoverGroup
1991-1992Regine SchumannGalerie Ludke, MunsterSolo