Ricardo Cardenas - Lluvia 5, 2017

Ricardo Cardenas /   Ricardo Cárdenas

Colombia 1966

Painting, Assemblage Art

Ricardo Cardenas
Ricardo Cárdenas
January 23, 2013
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Ricardo Cárdenas is a Colombian artist whose constructive sharpness combined with his inherent sensibility infuses his work with subliminal readings of our collective history, but not only because they can be recognized in references to nature, but because they occur with industrial materials, that is, with materials produced by the ingenuity of human beings, whose essence lies in rationality, in possessing an intelligence and free will.

Featured image: Ricardo Cárdenas – Lluvia 5, 2017. Painted aluminum. 40 3/5 × 74 4/5 × 9 1/10 in. 103 × 190 × 23 cm. Photo courtesy Galería La Cometa