Richard Di Rosa - Mister Freeze Exhibition, 2013 - image via mrpoes.blogspot

Richard Di Rosa

France 1963

Sculpture, Neo-expressionism

Richard Di Rosa
Richard Di Rosa
April 22, 2016

Richard Di Rosa, also known as Buddy, is a French sculptor whose cheerful, cartoonish artworks can be seen not only in galleries and museums but also in public spaces such as hotel yards, aquaparks and restaurants. Di Rosa is a talented self-taught artist with a great sense of humor and he finds the inspiration for his pieces in multiple sources – comics, rock music, graffiti, domestic animals, and even African culture. Di Rosa was one of the members of the French movements called Figuration Libre, which was the circle of innovative artists active in the 80s in France.

Richard Di Rosa - Sculpture at Dar Sabra Hotel in Marrakech - image via miss-hotel
Richard Di Rosa – Sculpture at Dar Sabra Hotel in Marrakech – image via

Art of Figuration Libre

Di Rosa was born in Sète, France in the early 60s. His nickname Buddy is a tribute to Buddy Holly, one of the central figures of the mid-1950s American rock and roll. Music was a very influential factor when it comes to Di Rosa’s career and identity, and the same goes for the circle of artists he was working with. Together with his brother Hervé Di Rosa and a couple of other artists, Rémi Blanchard, François Boisrond and Robert Combas, Richard has founded a new art movement called Figuration Libre, which is the French equivalent of Bad Painting and Neo-expressionism. The artists belonging to this circle were famous for their revolutionary approach and finding the inspiration for their art in pop culture as well as everyday life and seemingly ordinary reality. Richard Di Rosa was the only member of this circle who chose sculpture as a means of self-expression.

Together with his brother, Richard has founded a new art movement called Figuration Libre, which is the French equivalent of Bad Painting and Neo-expressionism

Left - Richard di Rosa - Minque, 2006 - Right - Richard di Rosa - Simplon, 2006
Left: Richard di Rosa – Minque, 2006 – image via / Right: Richard di Rosa – Simplon, 2006 – image via

Personal Career Path

In the beginning of his career, Di Rosa’s art was heavily influenced by Figuration Libre and his brother’s style. However, very quickly, he began to develop his personal universe of art. Di Rosa’s saturated, bright colors, round shapes and funny, cartoonish characters resemble the paintings of the eminent Spanish surrealist Joan Miro or German dadaist Max Ernst. Another inspiring themes for Di Rosa are African culture, music and small animals – especially hens and chickens. His pieces have a strong commercial appeal – they are often grotesque in a funny way and represent excellent decorative elements in public areas. Di Rosa exhibited his work for the first time in 1982 at the Gillespie Laage Salomon gallery in Paris, with his brother, Hervé Di Rosa. The exhibition was a great success and already a year later, in 1983, Di Rosa’s career became international – he started exhibiting in the United States, Belgium, Thailand, and Ghana. Also, a large collection of his sculptures can be seen in Cité de la Musique in Paris and Musee Paul Valery in Sète.

Even though he was initially influenced by Figuration Libre, Di Rosa very quickly began to develop his personal universe of cartoonish characters

Richard Di Rosa - La Madone du Quartier Haut, 1992 - image via trekearth
Richard Di Rosa – La Madone du Quartier Haut, 1992 – image via

Free Style Sculpture

Di Rosa is an important pioneer of French Neo-expressionism who managed to incorporate the elements of pop-culture into the medium of sculpture. This was an entirely new concept in the 80s, since most of the Neo-expressionists, both in France and internationally, were painters. Di Rosa’s sculpture was unexpected and provocative at the time and it became widely recognized for its unusual style. Nowadays, his newer pieces can be found in various parks and city squares all over the world and they are adored by both children and adults for their fresh, unconventional style.

The artist is represented by Galerie Galea.

Richard Di Rosa lives and works in Paris, France.

Featured image: Richard Di Rosa – Mister Freeze Exhibition, 2013 – image via
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YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2008Richard Di RosaVilla Tamaris, La Seyne-sur-MerSolo
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2007Richard Di RosaMusee des Arts Derniers, ParisGroup
2007African WayOrangerie de Madame Elisabeth, VersaillesGroup
2006Artists4lifeHotel Salomon de Rothschild, ParisGroup
2006DeballageMusee Paul Valery, SeteGroup
2005Richard Di RosaMusee Francois Pompon, SaulieuSolo
2005Richard Di RosaMoulin de la Recense, VentabrenGroup
2005Richard Di Rosasalle Flotte, SanaryGroup
2005Richard Di RosaFestival International des jardins, Chaumont-sur-LoireGroup
2005Richard Di Rosagalerie Christine Phal, ParisGroup
2005Richard Di Rosagalerie Nathalie Gaillard, ParisGroup
2005Le SalonLe Salon, ParisGroup
2004Six-Fours-les-PlagesMaison du CygneSolo
2004Richard Di Rosagalerie Les Tournesols, Saint-EtienneSolo
2004Toursgalerie Chantal DaniaudSolo
2004Richard Di Rosaplace Saint Sulpice, ParisGroup
2004Richard Di RosaArt ParisGroup
2004Richard Di RosaMusee des Arts Derniers, ParisGroup
2003Richard Di RosaFort Napoléon, La Seyne-sur-MerSolo
2003Richard Di RosaMusee des Arts Derniers, ParisGroup
2003Richard Di RosaHotel de Ville, ParisGroup
2003Richard Di Rosagalerie Le Rire Bleu, FigeacGroup
2003Richard Di RosaLa Source, VillarceauxGroup
2002Richard Di RosaCentre d'art Noroit, ArrasSolo
2002Richard Di RosaMaison des Arts, MalakoffSolo
2002Richard Di RosaMusee Paul Valery, SeteSolo
2002Richard Di RosaGalerie Anne Lettree, ParisSolo
2002Richard Di Rosagalerie Navarra, TokyoGroup
2002Richard Di RosaMusee Saint RiquierGroup
2002Richard Di RosaLes Sables d'OlonnesGroup
2002Richard Di RosaMusee de l’Abbaye Group
2001Richard Di Rosagalerie Speerstra, ParisSolo
2001Richard Di RosaDelta gallery, ZimbabweSolo
2001Richard Di Rosagalerie Navarra, ParisGroup
2001Richard Di RosaJardin du Luxembourg, ParisGroup
2000Richard Di RosaHotel de Soubise, ParisGroup
2000Richard Di Rosafestival international de sculpture, Cavalaire-sur-MerGroup
2000Richard Di RosaFondation Coffim, ParisGroup
1999Richard Di Rosagalerie de Nesle, ParisSolo
1999Richard Di RosaAssemblee Nationale, ParisGroup
1998Richard Di RosaMiami Art Fair, MiamiGroup
1997Richard Di RosaMusee de l'Objet, BloisSolo
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1994Richard Di RosaFondation Coprim, ParisSolo
1994Richard Di RosaReflex gallery, AmsterdamSolo
1994Richard Di Rosagalerie Navarra, RamatuelleGroup
1994Richard Di RosaFondation Coprim, ParisGroup
1993Richard Di RosaJ.G.M. Galerie, ParisSolo
1993Richard Di Rosa3eme Biennale d'Art Present, ArrasGroup
1993Richard Di RosaFundacio Miro, Palma de MallorcaGroup
1992Richard Di RosaCentre culturel, NeuburgSolo
1992Richard Di RosaSidney Janis gallery, New YorkSolo
1992Richard Di Rosagalerie Artbeam, SeoulSolo
1992Richard Di Rosagalerie Pierre Nouvion, MonacoSolo
1992Richard Di RosaFondation Verranemann, BelgiumSolo
1992Richard Di RosaPalais de l'Alcazar, SevilleSolo
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1991Richard Di RosaMusee Picasso, AntibesSolo
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1990SIMEGrand Palais, ParisGroup
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19845 / 5Musee d'Art Moderne, ParisGroup
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