abstract art

Roger Selden

United States 1945

Abstract Art, Collage, Design


Roger Selden
Roger Selden
United States
February 12, 2015

Roger Selden is an American artist and designer, known for his abstract artworks which he produces using various techniques, such as collage, mixed-media and silkscreen.

Selden was born in New York in 1945. His love of art started early – at the age of 12 he had already begun to study and copy old masters in the nearby Brooklyn Museum. He studied there from 1957 to 1962, and afterwards he attended the Tyler School of Fine Arts in Philadelphia where he received his BFA in 1966. After completing his studies in Philadelphia, he moved on to spend two years at the Tyler School in Rome, where he did his graduate work and obtained his MFA. Study trips to Paris and throughout Italy followed, before Selden finally settled in Milan.

Selden’s painting captivate the viewer’s eye with their positivity and colorfulness. The artist uses a mixed technique, consisted partly out of collage, partly out of decisive strokes of bright colors and abstract geometrical forms, producing variety of artworks. Certain characteristic of Selden’s work is it’s wholeness in imagery and organization, although crowded with ideas and gestures. On the other hand, some other works can be understood as quickly as a blinking light at a train crossing, with its clean and elegant lines as a commercial designer’s sketch. This duality of Selden’s works comes from his inclusion of many influences and stimulations, and the artist’s aspiration not to exclude contrasting aspect of his personality. Selden is confident enough in the eventuality of synthesis not to worry about that many of his artworks not resemble one another.

As a designer, Selden undertook many different projects with unusual freshness and ease. He maintains a continuous collaboration with Sieger-Design, Ritzenhoff, Ducati and many others.
In 1997 Roger Selden was appointed to design the windows of the newly restored Synagogue of Milan, first inaugurated in 1982.

Today, he has his studio in Milan and produces paintings which are exhibited successfully in galleries in all the major European art cities, such as Cologne, Paris, London, Madrid, and at the art fairs in Cologne and Basel.

Roger Selden splits his time between his hometown, New York and Milan.

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumGroup/Solo
2009Roger SeldenMichael H. Lord Gallery, Palm Springs, USASolo
2008Roger SeldenVenice Design Art Gallery, Venice, ItalySolo
2008Roger SeldenCardazzoFactory, Milan, ItalySolo
2007Roger SeldenCardazzoFactory, Milan, ItalySolo
2005Roger SeldenVenice Design Art Gallery, Venice, ItalySolo
2005Roger SeldenNaviglio Modern Art, Milan, ItalySolo
2004Roger SeldenP.S. Gallery, Flein, GermanySolo
2003Roger SeldenNaviglio Modern Art, Milan, ItalySolo
2003Roger SeldenVenice Design Art Gallery, Venice, ItalySolo
2002Roger SeldenHaussamann Gallery, Cortina, ItalySolo
2001Roger SeldenVenice Design Art Gallery, Venice, ItalySolo
2001Roger SeldenHaussamann Gallery, Cortina, ItalySolo
2000Roger SeldenMichael H. Lord Gallery, Palm Springs, USASolo
2000Roger SeldenNaviglio Modern Art, Milan, ItalySolo
2000Roger SeldenP.S. Gallery, Flein, GermanySolo
1998Roger SeldenNaviglio Modern Art, Milan, ItalySolo
1997Roger SeldenMarisa Del Re Gallery, New York, USASolo
1995Roger SeldenArt Cologne, Köln, GermanySolo
1994Roger SeldenNaviglio Modern Art, Milan, ItalySolo
1994Roger SeldenPlaza Synchron Gallery, Munich, GermanySolo
1993Roger SeldenP.S. Gallery, Flein, GermanySolo
1993Roger SeldenHaussamann Gallery, Cortina, ItalySolo
1992Roger SeldenRinaldo Rotta Gallery, Genova, ItalySolo
1992Roger SeldenBerufsakademie Mosbach, Mosbach, GermanySolo
1992Roger SeldenNarciso Gallery, Turin, ItalySolo
1992Roger SeldenNavigliovenezia Gallery, Venice, ItalySolo
1991Roger SeldenArt Cologne, Köln, GermanySolo
1991Roger SeldenNaviglio Modern Art, Milan, ItalySolo
1991Roger SeldenLa Chiocciola Gallery, Padova, ItalySolo
1991Roger SeldenLapis Piedimonte, Etneo, ItalySolo
1990Roger SeldenGiancarlo Apicella Gallery, Köln, GermanySolo
1989Roger SeldenZack Schuster Gallery, Boca Raton, USASolo
1989Roger SeldenNaviglio Modern Art, Milan, ItalySolo
1989Chicago Art FairChicago, USAGroup
1988Roger SeldenAcademia Gallery, Salzburg, AustriaSolo
1988Roger SeldenNavigliovenezia Gallery, Venice, ItalySolo
1988Roger SeldenP.S. Gallery, Flein, GermanySolo
1987Art BaselBasel, SwitzerlandGroup
1986Roger SeldenRoy Boyd Gallery, Los Angeles, USASolo
1986Roger SeldenElaine Horwitch Gallery, Scottsdale, USASolo
1986Roger SeldenNaviglio Modern Art, Milan, ItalySolo
1986Roger SeldenBillinelli Gallery, Bruxelles, BelgiumSolo
1986Art BaselBasel, SwitzerlandGroup
1985Roger SeldenP.S. Gallery, Flein, GermanySolo
1985Chicago Art FairChicago, USAGroup
1984Roger SeldenBrinkman Gallery, Amsterdam, HollandSolo
1984Roger SeldenNavigliovenezia Gallery, Venice, ItalySolo
1984Art BaselBasel, SwitzerlandGroup
1984FORUM InternationaleKunstmesse, Zurich, ZwitzerlandGroup
1983Roger SeldenDu Chiffrè - Edition Jacques Damase, Paris, FranceSolo
1983Roger SeldenNaviglio Modern Art, Milan, ItalySolo
1982Roger SeldenEdward Totah Gallery, London, EnglandSolo
1982Roger SeldenElizabeth Franck Gallery, Knokke, BelgiumSolo
1982Roger SeldenARCO, Madrid, SpainSolo
1982Art BaselBasel, SwitzerlandGroup
1981Group ShowFIAC, Paris, FranceGroup
1980Roger SeldenBrinkman Gallery, Amsterdam, HollandSolo
1980Roger SeldenNaviglio Modern Art, Milan, ItalySolo
1979Roger SeldenVeith Turske Gallery, Cologne, West GermanySolo
1979Roger SeldenGalleria degli Asinelli, Bologna, ItalySolo
1979Art BaselBasel, SwitzerlandGroup
1978Roger SeldenGalleria La Chiocciola, Padova, ItalySolo
1978Roger SeldenBologna Arte Fiera, Bologna, ItalySolo
1978Roger SeldenFIAC, Paris, FranceSolo
1978Roger SeldenCentro d'Arte Cristallo, Cortina d'Ampezzo, ItalySolo
1977Roger SeldenCultural Center Olivetti, Ivrea, ItalySolo
1977Roger SeldenMedusa Gallery, Rome, ItalySolo
1976Roger SeldenObelisco Gallery, Rome, ItalySolo
1974Roger SeldenEnvironment Gallery, New YorkSolo
1974Roger SeldenNaviglio Modern Art, Milan, ItalySolo