Ronex Ahimbisibwe

Uganda 1977


Ronex Ahimbisibwe
Ronex Ahimbisibwe
January 13, 2017
Balasz Takac is alias of Vladimir Bjelicic who is actively engaged in art criticism, curatorial and artistic practice.

The artistic opus of Ronex Ahimbisibwe is in general constructed around the idea of experimenting with the media. His quest was to examine the formal possibilities of the surface by accentuating the shapes with either pastel or rather bright palette. On conceptual plan, Ahimbisibwe starts from everyday impressions and observations often tackling social themes, sometimes even the most controversial ones such as corruption, homosexuality or nudity. The very decision to work with several different medias simultaneously suggests the artists need for creating an experimental platform or place where art meets activism.

The paintings of Ugandan artist are shown in group exhibition with completely new visual identity
Ronex Ahimbisibwe – We meet again

The Strong Desire To Become An Artist

Ronex Ahimbisibwe is born in 1977, in Uganda. He was not that encouraged by his parents to follow the path of becoming the artist since they wished for him to study some steady profession like engineering or law. He went to Nkoyoyo Boarding School from 1986 to 1993 and later joined Mbarara High School. Ahimbisibwe was persistent and decided to study arts so he collected his Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial and Fine Arts (BIFA) at Margaret Trowel School of Industrial and Fine Arts, Makerere University, Kampala in 2001. During the course of time, Ahimbisibwe exhibited around the globe from the UK, over Denmark to Egypt. He has won several awards including the KLA ART 012 International Award and the Art Expo New York Art.

Building or collaging the composition out of fragments

The artist works in his home studio for a long time and news view him good
Ronex Ahimbisibwe – Couple…Loosely Coupled

The Principles of Process

The artist produces works in various media from painting, sculpture, woodcut prints, digital art, and photography to mixed media installations. This heterogeneous model provides him with fluidity to constantly explore methods, materials and the effects of texture on observers perception, which is indeed his prime mission. Therefore, he uses the wide range of materials like wood, bark cloth, paper, filler paste, glues, and many others in other to undermine their potentials or disadvantages. That suggests that the artist lets go himself fully to the process and enjoys getting surprised by the results.

Someimes Ahimbisibwe combines figuration with abstraction

In his home town Ugandan artist often shares news about exhibition and paintings on view
Ronex Ahimbisibwe – Abandoned

Deploying The Subconscious

While producing the work Ronex Ahimbisibwe starts from his sub-consciousness respectively from the set of free associations which are then processed further in accordance with the certain social topic. The artist goes through the research in a quest to gain the best results. On the other hand, what triggers Ahimbisibwe the most is the ambiguity of the work in the sense of sophistication meeting naivety, chaos meeting order, beauty meeting ugliness, aesthetics meeting free expression and so on.

Accentuating the surface is one of the artist’s main features

While working in his house the artist was able to discover new solutions for canvas
Ronex Ahimbisibwe – Am watching 2

Versatility As Tool for Success

In 2003 Ahimbisibwe with four other artists founded a group called Index Mashariki which promoted indigenous expression in art in order to reach out to disadvantaged communities, promote local art and provide artwork at affordable prices. Besides that, from 2006 Ahimbisibwe organized a number of workshops as well as curatorial exhibitions, while his art was presented in several magazines and newspapers. His constant presence and activity on the Uganda art scene made him one of the most prolific artists and cultural workers in general. Apparently, Ahimbisibwe sees art as an active social element which should educate, call for debate and critically articulate all the possible segments of contemporary society.

Ronex Ahimbisibwe lives and works in Kampala.

Featured image: Portrait of Ronex Ahimbisibwe – image courtesy of Create Hub Gallery
All other images courtesy of Create Hub Gallery

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Gallery 
2016Perception or realityAfriart gallery,KampalaSolo
2016World art dubai with Create Hub GalleryDubaiGroup
2016UntitledKenya art fair,Nairobi,KenyaGroup
2016UntitledKampala art biennale,Kampala,UgandaGroup
2015Introducing ronex bagsAfriart gallery, KampalaSolo
2015Sleepless nightsAfri-art gallery,KampalaSolo
2015UntitledKunstRAI, AmsterdamGroup
2014Circles triangles squares rectanglesAfri-art gallery,KampalaSolo
2014Klaart festivalBoda boda project, KampalaGroup
2014Kampala art biennale, KampalaGroup
2014Garbage collectors exhibitionNational theatre KampalaGroup
2014Turning point with Ugandan and Norwegian studentsNational theatre, KampalaGroup
2013Art in open officeKfw offices, KampalaSolo
2013Inspired by the archiveIwalewa haus, Bayreuth, GermanySolo
2013Mango roses with kabira international schoolJazz Ville hotelGroup
2013Africa NowBonhams, LondonGroup
2012Order in chaosNafasi Art Gallery, TanzaniaSolo
2012Ten years of creating or wolokoso in 4 art spacesKampala Afriart Gallery, MishMash, Makerere Art GallerySolo
2012Uganda at 50Kabira Country Club, KampalaGroup
2012KLA ART 012Kampala Contemporary Art FestivalGroup
20124 Contemporary Ugandan ArtistsBurning House, SpainGroup
2012UntitledBonham Art Auction, London, UKGroup
2012Bark cloth ReloadedFas Fas Art Room, KampalaGroup
2012Laba Street Art FestivalKampala 2007-2014Group
2012Nude ExhibitionFas Fas Art Room, KampalaGroup
2011Signature Art ExhibitionKabira Country Club, KampalaGroup
2011Ronex ISMSAfriart Gallery, KampalaSolo
2011Controversial Art ExhibitionAfriart Gallery, KampalaGroup
2011Fireworks Annual Art ExhibitionChartis Offices, KampalaGroup
2011UntitledArt Expo, New York, USAGroup
2010Ronex vs RonexAfriart Gallery, KampalaSolo
2010Signature Art ExhibitionSerena Hotel, KampalaGroup
2010Controversial Art ExhibitionAfriart Gallery, KampalaGroup
2009Order OR chaosEmin Pasha Hotel, KampalaSolo
2009Africa NowWorldbank, Copenhagen, DenmarkGroup
2008Ugandan SculptorsMakerere Art Gallery, KampalaGroup
2008East Africa Art BiennaleDar es Salaam, TanzaniaGroup
2008Mini-Print Art Exhibition Lessedra, Bulgaria (2005-08)Group
2007Memories Of Child SoldiersNdere Culture Centre, KampalaGroup
2007ART @ 20K with XensonNational Theater, KampalaGroup
2006AAWAAlexandria International Workshop Exhibition, EgyptGroup
2005East Africa Art BiennaleDar es Salaam, TanzaniaGroup
2005UntitledAID CHILD Exhibition, MasakaGroup
2004-2008Annual Solo ExhibitionTulifanya Gallery, KampalaSolo
2004Solo in Aid of Acid SurvivorsSheraton Hotel, KampalaSolo
2004Bonze Cast ExhibitionMakerere Art Gallery, KampalaGroup
2004UntitledKunst Supermarket, NetherlandsGroup
2003Gone Solo Ugandan German Cultural Society, KampalaSolo
2003UntitledEast Africa Art Biennale, Dar es Salaam, TanzaniaGroup
2003UntitledYoung Artists Exhibition, Tulifanya Gallery, KampalaGroup
2002Artist of the Month ExhibitionNational Theater, KampalaSolo
2002UntitledAnnual Art Exhibition, Nommo Gallery, KampalaGroup