Rosario Vicidomini

Italy 1986


Rosario Vicidomini
Rosario Vicidomini
April 27, 2017
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Oil on canvas paintings by Italian artist Rosario Vicidomini are marked with unique quality evoked with a thought provoking atmosphere and a mysterious transparency. The artist is known to use stationary objects as a central motifs in his imagery while trying to express various sides of his personality. Cold stone set against skilfully colored background represent a unique invitation for contemplation among his audience. While following the Expressionist tradition the artist still menages to remain innovative and push the boundaries of his genre.

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Rosario Vicidomini – clr60c-13, 2016 (left) / clr40c-17, 2016 (right)

Rosario Vicidomini’s Claming, Minimalist Artworks

Italian artist Rosario Vicidomini was born in Born in Nocera Inferiore, Italy in 1986. He studied art at the universities in Bologna and Urbino. Since his first show held in 2008, the painter’s oil on canvas artworks were on view in various solo and group exhibitions, in his home country Italy and across the European and Asian continent.The Italian painter’s minimalist artworks juxtapose calm and expressionistic gesture that coexist on his canvases thus creating a balance between the passive and active, the introvert and extroverted principle.

The stationary details in the center are selected to compliment and accentuate the colors of the background

clr150c clr160120c and clr100c artworks from the upcoming Sympathy Sisyphus exhibition at Albrecht galerie running till may
Rosario Vicidomini – clr60c-11, 2015 (left) / clr60c-16, 2016 (right)

The search of Balance And Rhythm

Though he often uses stones and vessels as central object that fill out the canvases, the artist is not aiming to depict reality in his works. Instead he focuses on the expressive momentum and the active side of his personality. In that respect the central stationary motifs in his imagery act like a frozen firework of colors and shapes that let us take some time and admire its inner straight and rhythm. The color of his main objects is carefully selected to compliment and accentuate the colors of the background. The stones and vessels represent the dynamic force that guides the viewers eye into the background and give meaning to the entire painting.

Italian artist remind us once again how monochromatic background can create an excellent base for strong and at times aggressive expression

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Rosario Vicidomini – clr40c-15 , 2016 (left) / clr40c-6, 2014 (right)

Influences and Representation

Just like the works of Francis Bacon, pieces by the talented Italian artist remind us once again how monochromatic background can create an excellent base for strong and at times aggressive expression. Though simple in its essence Rosario Vicidomini’s artworks evoke a variety of feelings from pure loneliness evoked by the portrayal of a sole object against a vast background, to curiosity about the selected main motifs and even feeling of admiration toward the simplicity and the endurance of the chosen objects.

The artist is represented by Burning Giraffe Gallery.

He lives and works in Hamburg, Germany.

Featured image: Rosario Vicidomini – clr8060c-7, 2016, detail
Images courtesy of Burning Giraffe Gallery

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2017Fremito a perdere (Shudder to lose),Burning Giraffe Gallery, Torino, ItalySolo
2016Art Karlsruhe,Galerie Albrecht, Zurich, Switzerland.Group
2016Kunst Zurich,Galerie Albrecht, Zurich, Switzerland.Group
2015“Lati muti”, with Judith Mall, La Casaforte, Napoli, Italy.Solo
2015Art KarlrusheGalerie Albrecht, Zurich, Switzerland.Group
2015“Symphathy for Sisyphus”, Galerie Albrecht, Berlin, Germany.Solo
2014Art Market Budapest,Galerie Albrecht, Budapest, Hungary.Group
2014Il mucchio selvaggio parte III, Galleria D406, Modena, Italy.Group
2014Promenadenmischung, Frappant, Hamburg, Germany.Group
2014Zwischenspiel, Galerie Albrecht, Berlin, Germany.Group
2014Kunst Zurich,Galerie Albrecht, Zurich, Switzerland.Group
2013 “Una mostra nella mostra”QS, Napoli, Italy.Solo
2012Betwen Mountains, Murasakino Gallery, Kyoto, Japan.Group
2012 "Advent! Advent!",Hi-Nest Bldg., Kyoto, Japan.Group
2012Illustr@zione, Data Urbino ItalyGroup
2010Canicola 9, Galleria D406, Modena, Italy.Group
2009Wondering where the ducks went..., Galleria Tiziana Di Caro, Salerno, Italy.Group
2008Perf, Centro Arti Visive Pescheria, Pesaro, Italy.Group