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Rosh 333 /   Unknown

Spain 1977

Urban Art, Street Art, Graffiti

Rosh 333
February 25, 2015
Nina Karaicic is a journalist with experience in TV and radio media. Born in 1989, she had studied at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Political Sciences (Journalism). Interests: Photography, Art, Film, Folklore, Video Games

Rosh 333 aka Rlove, born in 1977 in Alicante, Spain, is an artist whose work took shape in the Levantine city of Elche. Belonging to a lineage of graffiti writers that attracted the attention of the international urban scene at the end of the 90’s, it was thanks to his contact with this discipline that his creative pulsion was born to become the multifaceted artist that he is today.

Standing out as an illustrator and designer, Rosh has won over the audience and the experts and has become one of the most important urban artists in the country. His work stands out because of its organicity. By experimenting with shape, texture and color, he has found a style in which he develops complex schemes that form structures that he mixes and enlarges while paying special attention to color. This way, Rosh generates compositions that dodge the very shapes of nature and their organic development to establish a dialogue with the audience in which the artist invites them to get lost aesthetically in the territory of his works. His unrestrained experimentation with materials, formats and techniques is the proof that his work is a creative expression through which he channels his need of frankness and autonomy.

“Everything is color in motion”

“In Love We Trust, Not in You”

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2014 Colección Ascensión AmaroGalería Espacio Sin Título, Madrid Group
2014 ReskateGalería Slowtrack, Madrid Group
2014 Subasta PACPrimera subasta de arte urbano en España, Madrid Group
2014 Page SpecificInput Magazine, Combustión Espontanea, Madrid Group
2014 Red Bull Canvas Cooler Malasaña MadridGroup
2013 Madrid Street Art Project Room Art Fair, Madrid Solo
2013 Diagrama de VennMustang Art Gallery, MAG, Elche Group
2013 Ad InfinitumIAM Gallery, Madrid.Group
2013 RAF3IAM Gallery, Room Art Fair 2013, Madrid.Group
2012 Love for Sale Black Lab, Elche Solo
2012 Las 7 DiferenciasIAM Gallery, Madrid Group
2012 MoebiusMontana Gallery, Barcelona Group
2012 Straght from the UndergroundBlack Lab, Elche Group
2012 DOCE0034 Gallery, Sevilla, Madrid Group
2011 Grown with the flow Montana Gallery, Barcelona Solo
2011 IAM: RetrospectivaMontana Shop, Madrid Group
2011 Left along the RoadDelimbo Gallery, Sevilla Group
2011 0034 SupernovaLa Minúscula, Valencia Group
2011 PermutacionesCasa Encendida, Madrid Group
2010 Afroditas. Pensamientos y mentiras Apetit Gallery, Bilbao Solo
2010 Pensamientos y sueños en color Espacio Spora + IAM, Madrid Solo
2010 Afroditas L´Escorxador Centro de cultura contemporánea, Elche Solo
2010 Black vs Darkness Action Shop, Elche.Solo
2010 La memoria en el laberintohomenaje a Miguel Hernández, Elche Group
2009 Raices, 25 años de Hip HopMontana Gallery, SevillaGroup
2009 Todo a 100Montana Gallery, Sevilla Group
2009 Clone GraphicsMontana Gallery, Sevilla Group
2007 Pant2FlashMontana Gallery, Sevilla Group