Sean Scully

United States 1945

Abstract Art

Sean Scully
Sean Scully
United States
May 30, 2016
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One of the most prominent abstract painters, Sean Scully creates under various historical and cultural influences of places that were important for him in some period of his life. His work is based on repetition of the carefully arranged discretely nuanced blocks of color that make a dramatic effect and visual pleasure. Although his spaces are intentionally monumental, his paintings express distinctive intimacy in the essence. The highly sensual and tactile materiality is a result of his approach that includes paint manipulations with the different brushstrokes. Simplifying his compositions, Scully’s repetitive forms resemble architectural elements and harmonious interaction of the colors evoke the profound emotional associations.

Sean Scully - Blue Orange Wall, 2014 home news exhibition gallery scully paintings 2015 exhibitions
Sean Scully – Blue Orange Wall, 2014

From Dublin and London to New York

Born in Dublin in 1945, he was growing up in south London where his family moved four years later. He started his painting career in the late 60’s. Scully studied at Croydon College of Art and Newcastle University and was a recipient of a graduate fellowship at Harvard. In 1975, he moved to New York and eight years later became an American citizen. His art, entirely international in perspective, shows an influence of both Europe and America. From harmonic forms of ancient Greek architecture and stone walls in rural Ireland, he made the legacy of abstraction in the United states. He has exhibited worldwide and his work is a part of the permanent collections of a number of museums and public galleries, as Metropolitan Museum of Art, Guggenheim Museum and MoMA in New York, the Tate Gallery in London and the Irish Museum of Modern Art in Dublin.

In 1975, Scully moved to New York

Sean Scully - Cut Ground Blue Pink, 2011 (Left) - Put This Back, 2011 (Right) home news exhibition gallery scully 2015 exhibitions
Sean Scully – Cut Ground Blue Pink, 2011 (Left) / Put This Back, 2011 (Right)

Brick as the Main Motif of the Artworks

Consisting of a number of panels, his abstract paintings are made of thick layers of the oil paint which create textured surfaces. The brief period of hard-edge painting at the very beginning of his artistic expression left the trace and highly influenced by his latter approach. Although he abandoned the masking tape, the characteristic motif of the stripe remained present, but accomplished and refined over the time. In his recent works, Scully enhanced his distinctive stripes, but also evolving a principle of compositional patterning that reminds of a checkboard. As the artist himself stated, his style represents the dicey society of Ireland. He remembers that everything was in that shape, “even the fields and the people”.

His distinctive stripes and thick layers of paint are the main expression of his arts

Sean Scully - Small Grey Wall, 2002 scully
Sean Scully – Small Grey Wall, 2002

Search for the Balance Between the Intimacy amd Monumentality

The describing geometry of his work creates the structure for the expressive rendering of color, light and texture. In his strivings to combine intimacy and monumentality, Scully makes an emotional abstraction in his paintings. The integration of structured composition with the idiosyncrasies of the chosen medium is typical of Scully’s work; the artist has described this duality as a “battle between system and emotion.” Although he has spent almost his entire career working with the idea of the stripe or painted band, Scully’s body of work is complex and extensive, rigorously trying out new compositions and stretching the possibilities of a single motif.

Sean Scully currently lives and works between New York, Barcelona and Munich.

Featured image: Sean Scully – Artist portrait
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YearExhibition titleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2015 Sean Scully Palazzo Falier, Venice, Italy Solo
2015Sean Scully Kewenig Galerie, Berlin, Germany Solo
2015Different Places Château La Coste en Provence, Le Puy-Sainte-Réparade, France Solo
2015Sean Scully Monastery of St. Cecília de Montserrat, Barcelona, Spain Solo
2015Sean Scully Kerlin Gallery, Dublin, Ireland Solo
2015Carinthia Museum Liaunig, Neuhas, Austria Solo
2015Sean Scully. Moving or profound or necessary or beautiful Pinacoteca do Estado and Centro Universitário Maria Antonia, São Paulo, Brazil Solo
2015Sean Scully: Land – Sea Palazzo Falier, Venice, Italy Solo
2015Sean Scully National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin, Ireland Solo
2014Sean Scully: Kind of RedTimothy Taylor Gallery, London, England Group
2014Sean Scully: Follow the Heart Shanghai Himalayas Museum, Shanghai, China Solo
2014Figure Abstract Ludwig Museum, Koblenz, Germany Solo
2014Sean Scully Encounters: A New Master Among Old Masters Christ Church Picture Gallery, Oxford, England Solo
2013Farbiges Grau, Mies van der Rohe Haus Berlin, Germany Edge, Order, Rupture, Galerie Lelong, New YorkGroup
2013Sean Scully: Triptychs, Pallant House Gallery Chichester, West Sussex, England Solo
2013Sean Scully: Doric, the Hugh Lane Gallery Dublin, Ireland Solo
2013Sean Scully: Night and Day Cheim & Read, New York Solo
2013EDGE, ORDER, RUPTURGalerie Lelong, New York, USAGroup
2013Sean Scully: Iona & Related Paintings Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, USA Solo
2012Sean Scully: Change and Horizontals Timothy Taylor Gallery, London, EnglandSolo
2012Sean Scully: Works on Paper Wall of Light Red Shade, Van Every Smith Galleries, Davidson College, Davidson, North Carolina, USA Solo
2012The Verey Gallery Eton College, Windsor, England, UK Solo
2012Sean Scully: The Evocative Capacity of Painting Wooson Gallery, Daegu, South Korea Solo
2011Sean Scully: Works on Paper Luther W. Brady Art Gallery at George Washington University, Washington D.C. Solo
2011The Minimal Gesture Timothy Taylor Gallery, London, EnglandGroup
2011Creating the New Century: Contemporary Art from the Dicke Collection Dayton Art Institute, DaytonGroup
2011The Shadow of the Corner of the Wall: Liliane Tomasko and Sean Scully,Das Haus am Lützowplatz, Berlin, GermanyGroup
2010Liliane Alexander and Bonin, New York, USA Solo
2010Sean Scully Timothy Taylor Gallery, London, England Solo
2010Iona Ingleby Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland Solo
2010Sean Scully: Works from the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth Old Jail Art Center, Albany, USA Solo
2010Works from the 1980s Carlow, Ireland; Leeds Art Gallery, Leeds, England Solo
2010The Pictorial World of Sean Scully Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz, Chemnitz, GermanyGroup
2010Building a Collection: Recent Acquisitions of Prints and DrawingsNational Gallery of Victoria, AustraliaGroup
2009Recent Paintings Galerie Lelong, New York, USA Solo
2009Sean Scully Walter Storms Galerie, Munich, Germany Solo
2009Modern & Contemporary Art at Dartmouth: Highlights from the Hood Museum of Art Hood Museum of Art at Dartmouth College, Hanover, USAGroup
2009Shaping Reality: Geometric Abstraction after 1960 Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Minneapolis, USAGroup
2009Histories of the Frontier Institut Valencia d'Art Modern, Valencia, SpainGroup
2009Preview for upcoming exhibitions Jamileh Weber Gallery, Zurich, SwirtzerlandGroup
2009Pop to Present Cantor Arts Center at Stanford University, Stanford, USAGroup
2008The Prints of Sean Scully Hyde Collection, Glens Falls, USA Solo
2008The Painted Surface Galerie Lelong, Paris, France Solo
2008The Art of the Stripe Hood Museum of Art at Dartmouth College, Hanover, USA Solo
2008Abstraction in the IVAM Collection Institut Valencia d'Art Moderne, Valencia, SpainGroup
2008Monet-Kandinsky-Rothko and Aftermath: Paths of Abstract Painting Bank Austria Kunstforum, Vienna, AustriaGroup
2008Sean Scully Galeria Carles Taché, Barcelona, Spain Solo
2007Sean Scully: Walls of Aran Kerlin Gallery, Dublin, Ireland Solo
2007Photos and Prints Galerie Kluser 2, Munich, Germany Solo
2007Aran Galerie Lelong, New York, USA Solo
2006Sean Scully L.A. Louver Gallery, Venice, USA Solo
2005Sean ScullySala Alcala 31, Madrid, Spain Solo
2005Sean ScullyIngleby Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland Solo
2005Sean Scully: New Work Galerie Lelong, New York, USA Solo
2005Sean Scullyle centre de la Gravure et de l’image imprimée, La Louviere, Belgium Solo
2005Sean ScullyFaith – Hope - Love, Augustinerkloster, Erfut, Germany Solo
2004Sean Scully: Body of Light National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, Australia Solo
2004Sean Scully: Holly Paintings Kunstverein Aichach, Germany Solo
2004Sean Scully: Winter Robe Galerie Lelong, Paris, France Solo
2004Sean Scully: Prints 1983- 200Irish Cultural Centre, Paris, France Solo
2004Sean ScullyCentro Jose Guerrero and Federico Garcia Lorca Foundation, Granada, Spain Solo
2004Sean ScullyKerlin Gallery, Dublin, Ireland Solo
2003Sean Scully: Wall of Light Figures, Timothy Taylor Gallery, London, England Solo
2003Sean ScullyGaleria Carles Taché, Barcelona, Spain Solo
2003Sean ScullyHôtel des Arts, Toulon, France Solo
2002Sean ScullyCamara de Comercio de Cantabria, Santander, Spain Solo
2002Sean ScullyGemaldegalerie, Berlin; Galerie Neue Meister, Dresden, Germany Solo
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2002Sean ScullyLA Louver Gallery, Venice, USA Solo
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1999Sean ScullyGalerie Bernd Klüser, Munich, Germany; Timothy Taylor Gallery, London, England Solo
1998Zeit und Materie Baukunst, Cologne, GermanyGroup
1998Contemporary Art: The Janet, Wolfson de Botton Gift Tate Gallery, London, EnglandGroup
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1997Sean Scully 1987, 1997Sala de Expositions Rekalde, BilbaoSolo
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1997Recent Paintings Galerie Lelong, Paris, France Solo
1997Sean ScullyKerlin Gallery, Dublin, Ireland Solo
1997Floating Paintings and Photographs Galerie Lelong, New York, USA Solo
1997Sean ScullyGaleria DV, San Sebastian, Spain Solo
1996Catherine Paintings Casino Luxembourg, Forum d’Art Contemporain, Luxembourg Solo
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