Serge Najjar - Zebra Path, 2012 (detail)

Serge Najjar

Lebanon 1973


Serge Najjar
March 19, 2013
There is something in art that somehow explains a lot that's happening in the world right now, and i seek to uncover it. Feel free to contact me at

Serge Najjar is a Lebanese self-taught photographer, whose approach to photography is intuitive, deriving from his passion for contemporary art.

Featured image: Serge Najjar – Zebra Path, 2012 (detail). Edition 4/5. 27 3/5 × 27 3/5 × 1 1/5 in. 70 × 70 × 3 cm. This is part of a limited edition set. Photo courtesy Galerie Bessières

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Serge Najjar - Zebra Path

Serge Najjar made this photograph in 2012. Titled Zebra path, it is an abstract narrative in black and white.

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