Silvia Argiolas - Lipstick, 2016

Silvia Argiolas

Italy 1977


Silvia Argiolas
Silvia Argiolas
December 13, 2016
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The imaginary worlds made out of childhood memories, emotions and reflections represent the basis of Silvia Argiolas’s art practice. By handling the myriad of associations and inner emotional struggling, the artist produces staggering, yet obscure compositions. Figuration in the means of a narrative, in this case, seems to present a central role, yet it expresses fully artists current world view. As a matter of fact, Argiolas is in constant re-research of the forms, gestures and situations that surround her which she tries to re-modify, contextualize differently and provide new interpretation.

The artist has exhibited in her home town Milano at contemporary Antonio Colombo galleria in 2011
Silvia Argiolas – Tutte le volte che non ti ho-amato, 2012, Installation

Different Medias as an Ongoing Quest

Silvia Argiolas was born in Cagliari in 1977. She has studied at Art School State Cagliari. While still a student, she started exhibiting in 2006 mostly in her home town and that gave her a chance to grow faster as an artist. Although the artist is primarily focused on producing paintings and drawings, she has realized multimedia participatory projects such as Everything that I have within in 2013 which was focused on intimate and personal narratives of youngsters with borderline issues. By doing so, Argiolas moved her painterly practice forward and successfully added engaged prerogative to it.

The powerful depictions of inner processes

D406 is Italian exhibition space were Argiolas showed her smaller paintings in 2008, 2010 and 2011
Silvia Argiolas – Senza titolo, 2014

Depleting Influences

The meticulously thought body of Argiolas work leads us to the edges of imagination. Her eerie compositions can be referred to as if they are inclined in the modernist tradition, especially Neo-Expressionism and Surrealism. They are the mix of daily observations, free associations and the artist’s obsession with cinema. From the authors, such are Roberto Rossellini and Larry Clark she absorbs inspiration and they help her to make comparisons, empathize or simply unlock other worlds. On the other hand, from the strictly visual perspective perhaps the author who’s filming mostly affected Argiolas work is Alexandro Jodorowsky and his psychedelic aesthetics.

Erotic, yet humorous fragments of human imagination occupy the artist

Biennale di Venezia and a collaboration with curator Ivan Antonio Quaroni ment a lot to artist
Silvia Argiolas – Pussycatttt, 2015

The Magic Behind The Works

The very process of making the work in the case of Silvia Argiolas is not mediated by sketches or preparatory drawings. Namely, the artist starts by following her intuition, by intervening directly on paper or canvas. The very act of patient observation of human behavior represents a focal point from which Argiolas starts constructing the composition. The hybrid characters are over exaggerated sexually indefinite figures who embody impulses and emotional instances, while the landscapes they inhabit are unknown spaces full of mystery. Therefore, the works are the result of an inner projection, a sort of metaphorical translation of the artist’s moods.

The importance of minutely thought painterly process

In villa in Roma there was a group exhibition of artists or in Italian artisti
Silvia Argiolas – Minchioni, 2016

The Ongoing Fascination With The Human Mind

The way Silvia Argiolas articulates the notion of what psyche is or how to confront with fears and inner tensions, make her practice being perceived as a kind of exorcism, as a cathartic act. As a matter of fact, with great dedication and effort, she tries to overcome the very limits of the media by questioning other kind of forms and relations within realms of the unconsciousness.

Silvia Argiolas lives and works in Milan.

Featured image: Silvia Argiolas – Lipstick, 2016, detail – image courtesy of the artist
All other images courtesy of the artist

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group 
2015Last Moments Robert Kannaj gallerySolo
2015PanoRama - a cura di Olga Gambari sedi varie TorinoGroup
2015La fomosa invasione degli artisti a Milano a cura di Luca Beatrice e Ivan QuaroniGalleria Antonio Colombo, MilanoGroup
2014Walk on the wild side (Conversion Of Evil)Galleria Antonio Colombo, MilanoSolo
2014A Day In The Life Ivan QuaroniSolo
2014Selvatico tre una testa che guarda Museo Civico delle CappuccineGroup
2014Et in Arcadia Ego Man RayGroup
2014P2P #02 – Deep CircoloquadroGroup
2013Opere scelte Catania Art Gallery, CataniaSolo
2013Silvia Argiolas Solo Show Robert Kananaj gallery, TorontoSolo
2013The Dark Knight Piancoteca Carlo Contini, OristanoGroup
2012You are not really so bad Galleria D406, Modena Solo
2012Something Else Galleria Antonio Colombo, MilanoGroup
2012Premio Terna04 Sezione Gigawatt, RomaGroup
2012L’isola dei morti Exma, CagliariGroup
2012Big Bang Galleria Lem, SassariGroup
2012Il giorno del Giudizio Exma, CagliariGroup
2012Biennale ItaliaVilla Reale, MonzaGroup
2012Italian Newbrow. Cattive Compagnie Fortino, Forte dei MarmiGroup
2012The shape of painting to come Galleria Lem, SassariGroup
2012Racconti selvatici Galleria delle Battaglie, BresciaGroup
2012Italian Newbrow Pinacoteca civica palazzo Volpi, ComoGroup
2012Centocinquanta. La giovane arte Italiana Sale del municipio, LizzanoGroup
2011The Season of the Witch Galleria Antonio Colombo, MilanoSolo
2011Chi ha paura dell’immagine Galleria Antonio Colombo, Art VeronaGroup
2011Il Mito del Vero – Situation Palazzo Guidobono, TortonaGroup
2011C.A.P.A. Misteri Residenza casa Arcangelo, BeneventoGroup
2011LIV Esposizione Internazionale d’Arte della Biennale di Venezia Padiglione Sardegna - useo Maseddu, SassariGroup
2011Italian Newbrow. Nuovo profilo italiano Galleria AreaB, Scope Art Fair, New York Group
2010Rainbrow Wrong Fondazione Durini, MilanoSolo
2010I and I Little Circus Galleria Antonio Colombo, MilanoSolo
2010Tracce 2010. VII Biennale giovani artisti Castello di Sarzano, Casina Group
2010S.O.S. Save our skier Galleria de Faveri, BolzanoGroup
2010XXS Extra Extra Small SuperstudioPiù, MilanoGroup
2010Forward Rewind Galleria Antonio Colombo, MilanoGroup
2010Folk Tales Galleria AreaB, MilanoGroup
2010PremioTerna03 Sezione Gigawatt, RomaGroup
2010Ouverture Galleria San Salvatore, ModenaGroup
2009Magica Arborea Tube Gallery, MilanoSolo
2009Degli uomini selvaggi e d’altre forasticherie Lab610xl, BolzanoGroup
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2009Whaleless Strichinin Gallery, LondraGroup
2008Allarmi 2008 Caserma de Cristoforis, ComoGroup
2008Arrivi e Partenze Mole Vanvitelliana, AnconaGroup
2008Premio Italian Factory per la giovane pittura Italiana Fabbrica del Vapore, Milano Group
2008Fiabe Crudeli MAN, NuoroGroup
2008Wars or Word? Centro comunale Lazzaretto, Cagliari Group
2007Lullaby Galleria Capsula, RomaSolo
2006Seed Galleria Studio20, CagliariSolo