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Sozyone /   Pablo Gonzalez

Belgium 1973

Urban Art, Street Art, Graffiti

Pablo Gonzalez
February 19, 2015
Music, Gestalt, .

Sozyone Gonzalez is a famous Belgian artist and musician who have been painting since ’89. He was influenced by his neighborhood, its stories and legends, Gonzalez works his Art around the world of Villains.

Pablo Gonzalez was born in Brussels in 1973 and in ’88 he started his studies at Saint-Lucas Art School where he met Smimooz Exel (with whom he creates De Puta Madre). They were both expelled from the facility and afterward they started to attend the Brussels Academy of Fine Arts from ’90 to ’96. During that period, Pablo Gonzalez developed a great interest in Metropolitan Graffitis aesthetic vandalism, and became officially Sozyone, with his crew R.A.B, forgetting forgery and use of forgery.  His 7 albums, hundreds of graffiti, stages and jams mark the Time when Hip Hop was ‘Fresh’ and Untouchable.

In 1996 he creates with Gold Jaba, Prince Pro, Turs, Byz and Kool Recto, The UltraBoys International, asserting a new form of Graffiti. His aesthetic is impregnated with Marvels, abstract futuristic mathematics, alphabetical contructivism, and facial Picassonic cubism, but they are also brutally refined. A sort of Pure Graffiti Vanguard, ignoring any other vision of graffiti.

Since 2004 Sozyone exposes his work, sought by certain purist and becomes Sozyone Gonzalez for his new public, which enables him to make Authenticity certificates for each one of his pieces, sculpted, engraved, painted or drawn, reminding him without a doubt his attraction for paper to handle delicately, gloves chalked.

The visual work developed by Sozyone this last decade, reveals a tendency towards staging and clear lines. Exploring the dark world of futuristic Anarchy through a magnifying glass, he studies linear deformation, the “anti-bon-goût” and systematic opposition to distance himself from the communication and to deepen his unique sens of aesthetics, where colors become simple values of tones fighting each other in an unequal combat between the fluid outlines and their position in space.

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2012G.I.P.S.Y.Speerstra Gallery, BursinSolo
2012MURCIELAGO - with Demsky and Pantone Vicious Gallery, HamburgGroup
2012 VENENO44 Demsky and Pantone Iam Gallery, MadridGroup
2012CORPS À CORPS Papelart, ParisGroup
2011MALAVITA BIRDS BackSide Gallery, MarseilleSolo
2011VOYOV A.L.I.C.E. Gallery, BrusselsSolo
2011VLTRARED Demsky and Pantone at A.F. Gallery, CologneGroup
2011 GRAFFITI Le Café de Paris Art Expert Consulting, MonacGroup
2010ARTURO TORTURA Vicious Gallery, HamburgSolo
2010OFF THE WALL L Cité du Temps, GenevaGroup
2010 LA MEMORIA EN EL LABERINTO Homenaje a Miguel Hernández, AlicanteGroup
2010TURMKUNSTVicious Gallery Schlossturm, BerlinGroup
2010 VLTRASPECTOR IAM Gallery, MadridGroup
2010SERIGRAPH V.10 Vicious Gallery, HamburgGroup
2009KAGEMUSHA Vicious Gallery, HamburgSolo
2009ELASTIC AARONSON, Findings On Elasticity Pars Foundation, AmsterdamSolo
2009 LA GUILLOTINE A.F.Gallery, CologneGroup
2009 WHO’S THE KING Helenbeck Gallery, ParisGroup
2009 LORDS OF TERROR ArtFair XXI, CologneGroup
2009 3H15, live performance on the Thalys Gare du Nord, ParisGroup
2009 WHOLE IN THE WALL, Helenbeck Gallery, New YorkGroup
2008CAMINA O REVIENTA I.D. Gallery, BerlinSolo
2008CADILLAC SCORPIO Vicious Gallery, HamburgSolo
2008THE C*R*H*T Carhartt Europe London, Paris, Milano, Berlin, BarcelonaSolo
2008THE TRIUMPHS, 20 x 3 m wall International Carhartt Europe, BaselSolo
2007LE GRISBI A.L.I.C.E.Gallery, BrusselsSolo
2007BUTTERFLY BALL, SLICK Salon d’Art Contemporain, ParisSolo
2007SILVER GHOST M.C.Confidential, BrusselsSolo
2007IN THE CIRCLE OF THIEVES Art Brussels 25th Contemporary Art FairSolo
2006LOS GÜAJES DEL CHANKA Art Brussels 24th Contemporary Art FairSolo
2006ULTRA STADIUM, Le ColyséeM.F. Lambersart, LilleSolo
2006 ULTRABOYS-OVERLORDS IIA.L.I.C.E.Gallery, BrusselsGroup
2005ONE MILLION MURDERS A.L.I.C.E.Gallery, BrusselsSolo
2005PANDEMONIUM CITY PimpStudio, GentSolo
2005THE OVERLORDS L’Usine, BrusselsSolo
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