Speak Cryptic, Image via nookmagcom

Speak Cryptic /   Farizwan Fajari

Singapore 1980

Graffiti, Illustration, Painting, Drawing


Speak Cryptic
Farizwan Fajari
July 24, 2016
Alias of Jasmina Sevic, a researcher and author for Widewalls. She graduated from the Faculty of Political Science (Department for Journalism) in Belgrade in 2013.

As one of the represents of the generation that matured in the globalized world, Farizwan Fajari, better known as Speak Cryptic, makes distinctive visual language influenced by the cultures of comics and underground music. Dealing with the burning social issues, his narratives reflect his thoughts based on observations on current affairs and everyday situations around him. Questioning the universal symbols of nowadays, the artist asserts the flaws of globalization where the Western model is becoming the norm threatening the existence of other cultures and personal identity of every individual.

 Speakcryptic 2013 2011 news drawings 2016
Speak Cryptic – Untitled, 2016

Uncommon Style and Underground Influences

Fajari was born in 1980 in Singapore where he completed his studies earning the Master of Arts and Fine Arts diploma at LASALLE College of the Arts in 2007. His artworks, from illustrations to graffiti, expose his personality, taste for music, inner thoughts and doubts. Influenced by fanzines, the hand-made magazines very popular in underground circles before the arrival of the Internet, Speak Cryptic is recognizable for his uncommon style that means implementation of black and white lines with the use of Chinese ink and small brush when he paints over the walls. A great fun of rock and metal music particularly bands Fugazi and Meshuggah, his characters often have heads of rockers and punkers, resembling the characteristic portrait of the young people who live in Singapore. In 2015, Speak Cryptic was a part of renewed event Singapore: Inside Out (SG:IO), a traveling showcase that has visited four world cities – Beijing, London, New York and Singapore. With the aim to promote local various creative talents by offering them the possibility to gain international exposure and recognition, SG:IO features a sampling of works, performances, and discussions by twenty artists across different disciplines, from visual, performing, and literary arts to food, music, and fashion.

He uses the small brush when he paints over the walls

Speakcryptic 2013 2011 news drawings 2016
Speak Cryptic – Present Condition, Installation view, 2015

Illustration of Globalization Issues

Dealing the issues relating to the cultural identity through his artworks, Speak Cryptic emphasizes, in particular, the Malay people who are deeply impacted by different social circumstances in his country. Accepting the multiculturalism as a fact, he reminds that we can’t relate to just one nation but to all of them, depicting his generation as the one with the lost roots. He creates the effective pieces, often in a life-size formats or larger, from paperwork to street walls and other public spaces. His 3D pieces are made of vinyl from the old records. Since 2005, the artist actively exhibits his works in numerous solo and group shows, including the Singapore Biennale (2013), Future Proof (2012), Budi Daya (2014) and Secret Archipelago in Paris (2015). He plays bass guitar for the Singaporean band I am David Sparkle.

Speak Cryptic lives and works in Singapore

Featured image: Speak Cryptic – The artist in front of his work, Image via nookmag.com

YearExhibition titleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2016O.P.E.N. Festival Old Kallang Airport, SingaporeGroup
2016Cannot Be Bo(a)rdered Aliwal Arts Centre, SingaporeGroup
2015Sorry, Not Sorry Officina Delle Zattere, Venice, ItalySolo
2015Singapore: Inside Out 751 D•PARK (Locomotive Square), Beijing,ChinaGroup
2015Singapore:Inside Out Brick Lane Yard, London, EnglandGroup
2015Singapore:Inside Out Madison Square Park, New York,USAGroup
2015 Singapore:Inside Out Tan Quee Lan, SingaporeGroup
2015These Sacred Things Jendela Visual Arts Space, The Esplanade, SingaporeGroup
2015Secret Archipelago Palais De Tokyo, Paris, FranceGroup
2014Minor Cities The Esplanade, SingaporeSolo
2014Budi Daya Malay Heritage Centre, SingaporeGroup
2014Modern Love LASALLE College of the Arts, SingaporeGroup
2014Public Order Kingswell, Los Angeles, CA, USAGroup
2013Singapore Biennale The National Library Building, SingaporeGroup
2013One’s Needs Goodman Arts Centre, SingaporeGroup
2012Future Proof Singapore Art Museum @8Q, SingaporeGroup
2012We Set The Pace The Substation Gallery, SingaporeGroup
2011Slow and Steady Singapore Art Museum @8Q, SingaporeSolo
2011The Resistance Movement Taksu Gallery, SingaporeGroup
2011Synesthesia The Post Museum, SingaporeGroup
2011Superheroes D-Structure Gallery, San Francisco, CA, USAGroup
2010Redrum The Gallery at Old School, SingaporeGroup
2010Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy The Bloodgroup Space, SingaporeGroup
2009Love Is A Dog From Hell 15 Minutes, SingaporeGroup
2009U-Turn For A Change Yaddo Art Gallery, SingaporeGroup
2009Re:Present Singapore Management University, SingaporeGroup
2008Singapore Contemporary Young Artists Sculpture Square, SingaporeGroup
2008Emerging Asia Kepco Art Gallery, Seoul, South KoreaGroup
2008Le Monde Est Nous 05 Night and Day Gallery, SingaporeGroup
2006Off The Wall The Singapore Art Museum, SingaporeGroup
2006The Very Hairy Belly Jelly Show LASALLE College of the Arts, SingaporeGroup
2005Voices Ngee Ann Kongsi, SingaporeGroup