painting, abstract art

Tanc /   Tancrède Perrot

France 1979

Graffiti, Abstract Art, Painting

Tancrède Perrot
February 18, 2015
Alias of Jasmina Sevic, a researcher and author for Widewalls. She graduated from the Faculty of Political Science (Department for Journalism) in Belgrade in 2013.

Tancrède Perrot aka Tanc is a French artist born in 1979 in Paris. His work is characterized by the uniqueness of his style, which is better understood acknowledging Tanc grew up as a graffiti artist. He sees street art as ephemeral, and that the creative process matters more than the result itself. To him, being an artist means embracing a certain way of life: to be fully committed, and show absolute integrity.

At the turn of the century, he mainly focused on studio work. His exploration of the possibilities of the line allowed him to immediately stand out from the usual graffiti artists. His work strives towards synthesis of his name, of tags, of individuals, of music, of life. His work does not seek perfection, but spontaneity. The artist’s state defines the work’s density and its precision. His heart beat activates his arm like a metronome: the artist is not trying to control this flow, but rather understand the composition that suddenly appears on the canvas, perfect balance between consciousness and unconsciousness. He appends his signature on his canvasses as he used to do so on the walls with his graffiti since his teenage years. This discipline is above all an instinctive outlet for a need to express himself: he takes over the urban space and shouts his name across the city.

But soon the letters disappear and Tanc starts exploring formal abstraction. By focusing his work on line and color, he regenerates the pictorial tradition by confronting it with street art’s essential vitality: prevalence of action, perfection of the gesture, acceptance of the unexpected, and expression of a strong singularity.  Action, energy, and the artist’s emotion thus aim to touch the viewer in a sensual, intimate and immediate way.

Tanc has exhibitions in France regularly, but his work has gained international prominence with exhibitions in Germany, in the UK, Morocco, or New York.

Tancrede Perrot lives and works in Paris.

YearName of the exhibitionsMuseum/GallerySolo/Group
2015From Street 2 ArtDavid Pluskwa Galerie, Marseille, France group
2015So Fresh, So French>frenchartstudio, London, UK group
2014These are the rhythms of my life>frenchartstudio, London, UK solo
2014AutomatismGalerie Wallworks, Paris, France solo
2014Made In FranceGCA Gallery, Nice, France solo
2014Look ThroughBundi 18, Shanghai, China group
2014Sequences VAOLa Vallée, Brussels, Belgium group
2014DecadeGalerie Martine Ehmer, Brussels, Belgium group
2014Spring Group Show>frenchartstudio, London, UK group
2013MemoriesGalerie At Down, Montpellier, France solo
2013ProcessusPercept Gallery, Lyon, France solo
2013OscillationsCatherine Ahnell Gallery, NY, USA solo
2013Asfap OpeningAsfap Gallery, Ixelles, Belgium group
2013The Sound of LightsGalerie Wallworks, Paris, France group
2013Interieur RueGalerie Wallworks, Paris, France group
2013CyclesGalerie Australe, La Reunion, France group
2012Paris Street Art>frenchartstudio, London, UK group
2012White WallBeirut Art Center, Beirut, Liban group
2011TANCDavid Bloch Gallery, Marakesh, Moroccosolo
2011Internal AreaLebenson Gallery, Paris, France solo
2011Retrospective 2010-2011David Bloch Gallery, Casablanca, Morrocco solo
2011Earthbound EscapeSkalitzers Contemporary Art, Berlingroup
2011Hall the Fame Part 2David Bloch Gallery, Marakesh, Moroccogroup
2011Urban ActivityCentre Culturel Jean-Cocteau, Lille, Francegroup
2011Indian Art SummitContemporary Art Fair, New Delhi, Indiagroup
2011L'ATLAS VS TANCLebenson Gallery, Paris, Francegroup
2011L'ATLAS VS TANCAlliance Français, New Delhi, Indiagroup
2010Line levelGalerie David Bloch, Marrakech, Morrocco solo
2010GradationsLebenson Gallery, Paris, France group
2010The Chamooo TheoryDavid Bloch Gallery, Marrakesh, Moroccogroup
2010Skalitzers Gallery ShowcaseSkalitzers Contemporary Art & Stroke.03, Berlingroup
2010Hall the FameDavid Bloch Gallery, Marakesh, Moroccogroup
2010Kiss the CitySkalitzers Contemporary Art, Berlingroup
2010NervousnessGalerie G, Paris, France group
2010StratesMAC, Creteil, France group
2010UnknownGalerie G, Paris, Francegroup
2009Time LinesNew Square Gallery, Lille, France solo
2009TANCEspace Beaurepaire, Paris solo
2009The ShowGalerie Joseph, Paris, France group
2009Graffiti Etats des LieuxGalerie du Jour Agnes B, Paris, France group
2009TAG, Collection GalliziaGrand Palais, Paris, France group
2009Street ArtGalerie Alex Lartigue, Paris, France group
2009VAO & FriendsEspace Beaurepaire, Parisgroup
2009AkrylonumerikFondation Cartier, Parisgroup
2009Stroke.01Urban Art Fair, Munichgroup
2009Etats des LieuxAgnès b: Galerie du jour, Parisgroup
2009Tag Au Grand PalaisGrand Palais, Parisgroup
2009ReloadGalerie Celal, Parisgroup
2008TancStudio 55, Paris solo
2008LinesEspace Beaurepaire, Paris, France solo
2008Lay Down the RealityGalerie Moretti & Moretti, Parisgroup
2008Urban natureAude, France group
2008Point RougeLe Cerle Pan!, Paris, France group
2008Le MurCentre Pompidou, Paris, France group
200716ISSANTGalerie Stua, Paris solo
2007VariationsStudio 55, Paris, France solo
2007UnknownStudio 55, Parisgroup
2007Les Artistes Casset La BaraqueContemporary Art Fair, Place Saint Sulpice, Parisgroup
2007Shangai CubeShanghaï, Chinagroup
200616issantGalerie Stua, Paris, France solo
2006TNTGalerie Chappe, Paris, France solo
2006The Content of My Head Is VisibleEspace Beaurepaire, Parisgroup
2006IntersectionsLe Boaz, Bruxellesgroup
2006Aux Arts Citoyens, La Revolution Par L'imageEspace des Blancs Manteaux, Parisgroup
2006My Street My CityAmsterdamgroup
2006TNTGalerie Chappe, Parisgroup
2006Deux Jours de NuitPlace Saint Sulpice, Paris, France group
2005UndercontrolGalerie du Moment, Bruxelles, Belgium group
2005Versus ColorLa Kabak, Lausanne, Switzerland group
2005Section UrbaineEspace des Blancs Manteaux, Paris, France group
2004Citadins en Milieu ArtistitiqueLa Lune en Parachute, Epinal, France group
2004Concrete JungleGalerie Annie Stansal 9Paris, France group
2004Art is StickGalerie Artcore, Paris, France group
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