Terry Haggerty

United Kingdom 1970

Installation, Minimal Art

Terry Haggerty
Terry Haggerty
United Kingdom
September 9, 2013
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Minimal and subtle works of Terry Haggerty are definitely not thought just on the principle of repetition and stillness, as it can be the case with similar approaches. Rather, the occupation with movement and velocity of geometrical forms leads his concepts in different directions. It is the interplay of lines and colors and therefore optical effects those Illusions produce which suggest the complexity of gestures respectively their volume and depth. The viewer easily becomes drawn to their routes and in all smoothness of the surfaces, feeling challenged in regards to the perception.

Many museums in England include Haggerty’s work on their web sites, blog and in pdf catalogues.
Terry Haggerty, Untitled, 2007, Installation at Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, Photo by Joshua White, Courtesy of the artist and von Bartha

Formal, yet Burgeoning Development

Terry Hag¬gerty was born in 1970, in London. He attended the Cheltenham School of Art, Gloucestershire and started exhibiting soon after the end of studies. From the start, with his early paintings and drawings, the artist starts to examine visual possibilities of line and color in movement. Over the years the artist has achieved a large number of solo and group shows from New York to Berlin, as well as huge, site-specific commissions by private collectors and companies. The growing interest in Haggerty’s work increased after he became the recipient of several awards including the ForSite foundation Award (2009), John Anson Kittredge Award (2003) and the Natwest Art Prize (1999).

Large scale spatial interventions are Haggerty’s trade mark

In Germany the artist is popular and they use the word anmelden to describe his work.
Terry Haggerty, Untitled, 2009, acrylic on wall, 350 x 1200 cm, Installation at CCNOA in Brussels, Courtesy of the artist and von Bartha

Producing The Illusions

Large-scale works of Terry Haggerty are not paintings, nor objects. They cannot be quiet conveyed by the media, especially because artist’s apparent intention to engage the viewer. It seems that horizontal arrangements made out of patterns of stripes are always directed differently to be looked at. Actually, they are aimed as if to leave the borders of the surface on which they are painted. This particular method breaks the traditional formatting bounded in two-dimensionality and transformers it in three-dimensional illusion. That is why these visually grasping interventions possess certain participatory potential and are more than just basic installments.[1]

Intensity and velocity as useful elements

Terry Haggerty, Untitled, 2012, acrylic on wall, Installation at Von Bartha, Basel, Photo by Andreas Zimmermann, Courtesy of the artist and von Bartha
Terry Haggerty, Untitled, 2012, acrylic on wall, Installation at Von Bartha, Basel, Photo by Andreas Zimmermann, Courtesy of the artist and von Bartha

Smitten With Abstraction

The art practice of Terry Haggerty is obviously driven by the achievements of Minimal, Pop and Op art. The principles of purification and adjustments are incorporated nicely, yet experimenting with the form in regards to space goes further. Nevertheless, his notion of abstraction is different. The central motif of stripe patterns is constantly being re-taught in not only painterly sense but rather sculptural. The finalized monochromes electrify and manipulate the space in an architectural sense and are somehow unpredictable and driven by the constant flow. The way the resist their physicality and lead the viewer through space suggest the artist’s attempt to create the surroundings for contemplative, yet active thought processes.

The quality of optical effects

Terry Haggerty, Untitled, 2014, Installation at Sammlung Philara in Dusseldorf, Photo by Maria Litwa, Courtesy of the artist and von Bartha
Terry Haggerty, Untitled, 2014, Installation at Sammlung Philara in Dusseldorf, Photo by Maria Litwa, Courtesy of the artist and von Bartha

The Established Oeuvre

The notable art practice of Terry Haggerty has been rounded by consistency in regards to the strong conceptual base and approach in general. On the other hand, the ongoing exhibiting activity is a proof of the continuity. Certainly, these two aspects of the artist’s work are important, yet that does not imply by the definition the sharpness or boldness of his agenda – the other thing does and that is the well-thought execution of his idea in relation to both the observers and space.Therefore, it can be said that his art is in relation to contemporaneity since it is governed not only by purely artistic, yet with even social matters.

Terry Haggerty lives and works in Berlin.


  1. Sjostrom. J (2014): Norton lobby lined up for year of optical conundrums, The Shiny Sheet, [Decembre 14 2016]

Featured image: Terry Haggerty at von Bartha Basel in 2012, courtesy of the artist and von Bartha
All other images courtesy of the artist and von Bartha

YearExhibition TitleGallery MuseumSolo Group 
2015Terry HaggertyVon Bartha, BaselSolo
2015 Terry Haggerty Sikkema Jenkins & Co, New YorkSolo
2015 Einknicken oder Kante zeigen? Die Kunst der Faltung, Kunstkunstraum-alexander-buerkle, FreiburgGroup
2015Ideale, Linien (curated by Peter K. Koch)Kuckei + Kuckei, BerlinGroup
2015Linear Abstraction (curated by Alexandra Sachs & Aaron Levi Garvey)Gutstein gallery, SavannahGroup
2014Terry HaggertyNorton Museum of Art, West Palm beach, FloridaSolo
2014PhilaraSammlung zeitgenössischer Kunst, DusseldorfSolo
2014Einknicken oder Kante zeigen? Die Kunst der FaltungMuseum für Konkrete Kunst, IngolstadtGroup
2014DYSTOTAL (curated by Konsortium)Pori Art Museum, NorwayGroup
2014PS 1999-2014AmsterdamGroup
2013 The Nearness of ObjectsSikkema Jenkins & Co, New YorkSolo
2013 FOCUSFort Worth Modern Museum, TexasSolo
2013Merge VisibleHorton Gallery, New YorkGroup
2013Moving: Norman Foster on ArtCarre d’Art-Musee d’art contemporain à Nîmes, FranceGroup
2013whatever colors you have in you mindRuth Leuchter Gallery, DusseldorfGroup
2013Columna 2Lyon Biennale SatelliteVienne
2013Blowing the Whistle, PhilaraSammlung zeitgenössischer Kunst, DusseldorfGroup
20133 + 4 bwTaubert contemporary, BerlinGroup
2012MASKKuttner Siebert Gallery, BerlinSolo
2012 Edge of InterferencePS Projects, AmsterdamSolo
2012Ultra VioletGlue, BerlinGroup
2012Off the beaten trackVon Bartha, BaselGroup
2012More And Different FlagsMarlborough Chelsea, NYGroup
2012Summer In The CityMartin Asbaek, CopenhagenGroup
2012Point Of View IIKuttner Siebert Gallery, BerlinGroup
2012Abstract ConfusionStädtische Galerie Gladbeck (curated by Christian Malycha)Group
2012 Abstract ConfusionKunsthalle Erfurt (curated by Christian Malycha)Group
2012Nymphius ProjectsCCA Andratx, Mallorca (curated by Friederike Nymphius)Group
2011 Protrusions and Areas of ConcernVon Bartha, BaselSolo
2011 In between elementsVon Bartha, ChesaSolo
2011From BerlinMartin Asbaeks, CopenhagenGroup
2011Crisp & ShoutKant gallery, EsjbergGroup
2011Space OddityCCA Andratx, Mallorca (curated by Friederike Nymphius)Group
2011Abstract Confusionb05 – Kunst- und Kulturzentrum Montabaur, (curated by Christian Malycha)Group
2011EnthusiasmosCosar HMT, DusseldorfGroup
2011Entropia, PhilaraSammlung zeitgenössischer Kunst, DusseldorfGroupGroup
2010Terry HaggertyAndreas Grimm Gallery, MunichSolo
2010Angle of ResponseKuttner & Siebert Gallery, BerlinSolo
2010Faint to Blackhenningsen contemporary, CopenhagenGroup
2010My Lonely Days Are GoneArratia Beer, Berlin (curate by Arturo Herrera)Group
2009Terry HaggertyNOA, Brussels, BelgiumSolo
2009Terry HaggertyVous Etes Ici, AmsterdamSolo
2009Terry HaggertyEY5, DusseldorfSolo
2009Zeigen Audio TourTemporare Kunsthalle, Berlin. (curated by Karin Sander)Group
2009Multiple ShowVous etes ici, AmsterdamGroup
2008Terry HaggertyKuttner Siebert, Berlin, GermanySolo
2008Terry Haggerty Andreas Grimm, New YorkSolo
2008Lose TrackPS Projects, AmsterdamSolo
2008Yo, Mo ModernismCCNOA, BrusselsGroup
2008Something and Something ElseMuseum Vanbommelvandam, NetherlandsGroup
2007Terry HaggertyHammer Projects, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, CASolo
2007Terry Haggerty Grimm Rosenfeld, MunichSolo
2007Stripes & StarsSammlung Haubrok, DusseldorfGroup
2007UnlikelyGalerie Kienzle & Gmeiner, Berlin (curated by Leo de Goede)Group
2006Terry Haggerty Aschenbach & Hofland, Amsterdam, HollandSolo
2006Terry Haggerty Kuttner & Siebert, Berlin, GermanySolo
2006White OutKonsortium, DusseldorfGroup
2006Carbonic Anhydride Max Hetzler, BerlinGroup
2005Start to Finish…Konsortium, DusseldorfSolo
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2004Stop & StoreLuxe Gallery, New YorkGroup
2004IncognitoSanta Monica Museum of Art, CAGroup
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