Thomas Canto

France 1979

Installation, Painting

Thomas Canto
Thomas Canto
October 2, 2015
Ok, I know it's so damn corny to quote somebody just to describe yourself, let alone Confucius, but this quote says all about my relationship with Widewalls, so forgive me for doing this: Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. Am I forgiven?

Thomas Canto is a French artist who explores urban art through canvas, installations, sculptures, live performances, and even sprays or water paint, glue, oil, Chinese ink…

Canto was born in France where he started to make graffiti in 1995. Soon, this artist started to use other mediums and techniques, like imaginary architectures paintings, dynamic calligraphies, light painting and even body painting. Thomas also founded and manages the gallery in Lyon named N2O where he has exhibited the work of many artists from the contemporary urban scene.

Canto’s personal vision of the world around him and his environment is transported directly on canvas as he proposes a vision of the mixtures of the city in sections of walls or blue prints, and on the other hand its humanity and individuality. His work is very architectural in its nature, with clean lines and precise geometry. Canto’s art is influenced by Op art and architecture as he tries to create worlds that toe the line between order and chaos. Also, Thomas draws inspiration from his own memories and his own relationship with the city. His artworks are sort of a mixture of graffiti, posters and the surreal architecture of his futuristic cities, with a clear absence of any trace of mankind. The artist’s patience and a meticulous work are displayed in his art, giving almost industrial aspect to his pieces.

The artist is represented by Fabien Castanier Gallery.

Thomas Canto lives and works in Lyon, France.

YearExhibition TitleMuseum/GallerySolo/Group
2015InstallationMohamed VI contemporary and modern art museum, Rabat (Morocco)Solo
2015Installation and group showVolklingen art Biennale. (Germany)Group
2015Graffuturism886 gallery, San Francisco (U.S.A), Atelier des bains, Genève (Switzerland)Group
2014BUND 18Magda Danysz Gallery, Shanghai (China)Group
2014Outdoor urban art festivalRoma (Italy)Group
2014Transparent landscapesAtelier des bains, Geneva (Switzerland)Group
2014Perspective LinesInstallation for the Nuit Blanche, Magda Danysz Gallery, Paris (France)Group
2014Main StreetAtelier des bains, Geneva (Switzerland)Group
2014K.Live festivalSéte (France)Group
2014Group ShowFrench art studio, London (UK)Group
2014A major minority1AMSF gallery, San Francisco (U.S.A.)Group
2014Love etcDavid Pluskwa gallery, Marseille (France)Group
2014Group ShowFabien Castanier gallery, Los Angeles (U.S.A)Group
2014Sensitive eyeDavid Bloch gallery, Marrakech (Morocco)Group
2014Group showAtelier des Bains, Geneva (Switzerland)Group
2013ParallelsFabien Castanier gallery, Los angeles (U.S.A.)Solo
2013InstallationCherqui collection, Paris (France)Solo
2013Nowness!Artwalk, Opera gallery, Cannes (France)Group
2013IconsArtwalk, Opera Gallery, Oslo (Norway)Group
2013Group showOpera Gallery, Dubaï. (E.A.U.)Group
2013Group showThe French Art Studio, London, (England)Group
2013Residency and group showLes Bains Douches, Residency, Magda Danysz Gallery, Paris (France)Group
2013GraffuturismGalerie Open Space, Paris (France)Group
2013London art fairThe french art studio. London (England)Group
2012Thomas CantoGalerie Australa, La Réunion (France)Solo
2012Nobody else but youOpera Gallery, SingaporeGroup.
2012I want to be loved by youOpera Gallery. Paris (France)Group
2012Contemporary Art todayOpera Gallery, Artwalk. Oslo (Norway)Group
2012Art in the cityNew cities summit, Magda Danysz. Paris (France)Group
2012Group ShowLondon West bank Gallery. London (England)Group
2012Projection light painting short film All sensesPalais de Tokyo, Paris (France)Group
2011Femmes de l’ombre, Femmes de lumièresGuyancourt (France)Solo
2011AbstractionsOpera Gallery, New York (USA)Solo
2011Black and WhiteOpera Gallery. Séoul (South Corea)Group
2011Mix’artFondation Clément. Martinique (France)Group
2011Mix’artAtrium. Martinique (France)Group
2011Octobre Rose, Estée laude, Breast cancer research foundationVideoprojections with YZ. Paris (France)Group
2010Light painting performanceFrench cultural center. San Salvador.( El Salvador)Group
2010Who’s Next, Fashion summitElegangz. Paris (France)Group
2010Thomas CZMART Gallery. Cluj, RomaniaSolo.
2010Thomas CArtfiler Gallery. Paris (France)Solo
2010Thomas CLigne 13 Gallery. Paris (France)Solo
2010Gwada NostraCelal Gallery. Paris, FranceGroup
2010Affordable Art FairParis (France)Solo
2010Creation of light painting visualsPanasonic advertising campaignSolo
2009Pieces of streets collectionCarhartt Gallery. Weil am Rhein (Deutschland)Group
2009Seconde peau, seconde vieGuyancourt (France)Group
2009Performance. Concert for 30 years Birthday of Kassa’vGuadeloupe (France)Group
2009Visual creation and lightLaunch of Windows 7. Paris (France)Group
2009Body painting performanceParis (France)Group
2009Collective mural paintingLG Live Borderless. Paris (France)Group
2009Light painting initiationsLyon (France)Group
2008Group showCarhartt Gallery, Weil am rhein.(Deutschalnd)Group
2008Group show with ECB (Hendrik Beikirch)Atelier9 Gallery. Grenoble (France)Duo
2008Body painting performanceMontpellier (France)Group
2008School interventionsRhône, Alpes (France)Group
2008Mural painting for the Keith Haring’s retrospectiveContemporary art museum. Lyon (France)Group
2007Thomas CantoN2O Gallery Lyon (France)Solo
2007Group showOnega. Gallery. Paris (France)Group
2007Body painting performanceMontpellier (France)Group
2007Body painting performanceCarhartt’s showroom, Lyon (France)Group
2006OpeningN2O Gallery. Lyon (France)Group
2006PerformanceNuits Sonores music festival. Lyon (France)Group
2006Frimousses de créateursSale for charity, Prada and Unicef. Lyon (France)Group
2006SculpturesLyon Dance Biennale, Lyon (France)Group