Tony Bevan

United Kingdom 1951


Tony Bevan
Tony Bevan
United Kingdom
June 2, 2016
Nina Karaicic is a journalist with experience in TV and radio media. Born in 1989, she had studied at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Political Sciences (Journalism). Interests: Photography, Art, Film, Folklore, Video Games

Tony Bevan is a British painter who makes thought-provoking art, using strong psychological symbols to express his opinion on social issues. His paintings represent the contemporary view of cultural heritage and how it’s incorporated in everyday living. There are elements of modern architecture, street art, and popular entertainment culture, but also literature and moving pictures. What distinguishes him in a special way is his special, restricted palette, that only contains limited shades of a certain color. Also, his tools. He often draws with charcoal and acrylic on canvas. It is usually red color with its variations to warmer and colder tones, and black, white and gray.

london london head arts paintings portraits contact charcoal charcoal acrylic acrylic gallery arts exhibitions work gallery gallery Tony Bevan - Self Portrait after Messerscmidt, 2009 (Left), Self Portrait, 2012 (Right)
Tony Bevan – Self Portrait after Messerscmidt, 2009 (Left) / Self Portrait, 2012 (Right)

Biography and Education

The artist was born in a town of Bradford, in Yorkshire county of the United Kingdom. He was certain that the career in art is suitable for him, and he decided to study at the Bradford School of Art. When he graduated in 1971, he enrolled at the Goldsmiths’ College. His education helped his to shape himself as an artist, and during his studies, he was on a constant search to find his inner voice. After the college, he decided to go to the Royal Academy of Arts in London, where he was selected as Academic in 2007. The first exhibitions and public showing happened in the 1980’s.

Among the contemporary artists Bevan stands out with his color palette and tools

london london head paintings charcoal arts arts acrylic acrylic exhibitions work gallery gallery Tony Bevan - Red Ceiling, 1989 (Left), Corridor, 1996 (Right)
Tony Bevan – Red Ceiling, 1989 (Left) / Corridor, 1996 (Right)

Portraied Heads as Comments to Contemporary Lifestyle

The portraits he makes are unconventional, abstract and filled with peculiar emotional intensity. They are convincing, though, in their mission to share Bevan’s piece of mind. He paints red colored head, with intertwining lines inside, that represent all the thoughts, principles and views artist has. Paintings serve as a continuous study of the mind and human nature. Along with heads, he makes wonderful depictions of doors, corridors and entrances. These works are more architectural than psychological, but all the disciplines coherently work the theme: that there are so many intangible occurrences in out mind, that sometimes we need to open a special door to enter the mystery world of the self.

Artist uses his profile as a model for many portraits

gallery london head charcoal arts acrylic exhibitions work Tony Bevan - Tree (no 1), 2011
Tony Bevan – Tree (no 1), 2011

Tree Artworks

In 2014 Tony Bevan made Trees and Archives collection, a series that features various distorted images of trees. The lines he used, mimic the shape of human body, giving the trees a certain type of limbs. All in all, they are living beings, but the colors Bevan used, red, black and violet, give them a less formal look. They are symbolic limbs of the men, having the same color as human flesh, the trees signify human nature, rooted in the subconsciousness and growing to reach the sky.

Tony Bevan lives and works in London.

Featured image: Tony Bevan – Portrait of the artist in his studio (Detail), photo credits
All images courtesy of the artist

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2014Trees & ArchivesBen Brown Fine Arts, LondonSolo
2013Chinese Trees Ben Brown Fine Arts, Hong KongSolo
2013Recent PaintingsNiagara Galleries, MelbourneSolo
2013Recent PaintingsLiverpool Street Gallery, SydneySolo
2012Tony BevanLA Louver Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, USASolo
2011Tony Bevan Self-PortraitsNational Portrait Gallery, London Solo
2011Tony BevanBen Brown Fine Arts, London Solo
2011Tony BevanBen Brown Fine Arts, Hong Kong Solo
2011Summer ExhibitionRoyal Academy of Arts, LondonGroup
2011Beyond the Human ClayJames Hyman Gallery, London Group
2010Tony Bevan Painting InstallationDe la Warr Pavillion, Bexhill, EnglandSolo
2010Tony Bevan Recent PaintingsGalerie Vidal Saint Phalle, Paris, FranceSolo
2010FigurationLA Louver Gallery, Los AngelesGroup
2010Summer ExhibitionRoyal Academy Of Arts, LondonGroup
2010Able BodiedUniversity of Las Vegas, USAGroup
2010Interior SpacesEagle Gallery, London Group
2009Tony Bevan ConstructJames Hyman Gallery, LondonSolo
2009Tony Bevan New Recent WorkMichel Soskine Inc, Madrid, SpainSolo
2009Summer Exhibition Royal Academy Of Arts, LondonGroup
2009Paint Made Flesh Frist Centre For Visual Arts Nashville, Tennessee, USA Group
2009The Philips CollectionWashington Dc, USAGroup
2009Group ExhibitionMemorial Art Gallery, Rochester, NYC, USAGroup
2008Tony Bevan New PaintingsBen Brown Fine Arts, London Solo
2008Violence and SensationFrancis Bacon and the Remaking of Appearance James Hyman Gallery, LondonGroup
2008Summer Exhibition Royal Academy of Arts, LondonGroup
2008Building Bridges Today Art Museum Beijing, China Group
2008Group ExhibitionMiradas Arquitectonicas en la Coleccion del IVAM, Valencia, Spain Group
2008Group ExhibitionMichel Soskine Inc Madrid, SpainGroup
2007Tony BevanLa Louver, Venice, CaliforniaSolo
2007Tony Bevan: MonotypesMarlborough Gallery, London Solo
2007Tony Bevan paintings 1982-2007Centre d’Art Contemporain, Perpignan, FranceSolo
2007Summer Exhibition Royal Academy of Arts, LondonGroup
2007Then and Now James Hyman Gallery, LondonGroup
2006Tony BevanTable Top Paintings, Galerie Vidal-Saint Phalle, ParisSolo
2006Tony BevanPaintings And Works On Paper 1982-2005, Liverpool Street Gallery, Sydney, AustraliaSolo
2006Tony Bevan - Paintings 1987-2005Turnpike Gallery, Leigh, Manchester, England Solo
2006Tony BevanBen Brown Fine Arts, London Solo
2006Building Sites James Hyman Gallery, LondonGroup
2006Motion On Paper Ben Brown Fine Art, London Group
2006Drawing InspirationContemporary Drawings Abbot Hall Art Gallery, Kendal, UK Group
2006Portraits James Hyman Gallery, LondonGroup
2005Tony BevanA Retrospective Exhibition at IVAM - Instituit Valencia d’art modern, Valencia, SpainSolo
2005Tony Bevan Paintings 1994-2005Michel Soskine Inc Madrid, SpainSolo
2005A Visages Decouverts Centre Regional D’Art Contemporain, Montbeliard, FranceGroup
2004Multiple Selves James Hyman Gallery, LondonGroup
2003Tony Bevan – Recent WorkGalerie Vidal-Saint Phalle, ParisSolo
2003Tony BevanWorks on Paper, The Israel Museum, JerusalemSolo
2003Tony Bevan: Works from Deptford, 1982–2002Abbott Hall Art Gallery, Cumbria, UKSolo
2003Tony BevanMilton Keynes Gallery, UKSolo
2003A Century of British DrawingsJames Hyman Fine Art, LondonGroup
2003From Life Radical Figurative Art from Sickert to BevanJames Hyman Fine Art, LondonGroup
2002Tony Bevan, Paintings and DrawingsRobert Miller Gallery, NYSolo
2002Tony BevanDrawings, Michael Hue-Williams Fine Art, London, UKSolo
2002Tony Bevan – The Complete PrintsJames Hyman Fine Art, UKSolo
2002Five PaintersKilkenny Arts Festival, IrelandGroup
2000Tony BevanMichael Hue-Williams Fine Art, LondonSolo
2000Painting, I LoveMichael Hue-Williams Fine Art, LondonGroup
2000Look Out ArtSociety, Politics, Wolverhampton Art Gallery Group
1999Tony Bevan PaintingsAbbot Hall Art Gall UKSolo
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1999The School of London: From Bacon to BevanMusee Maillol, ParisGroup
1998Tony BevanMichael Hue-Williams Fine Art, LondonSolo
1998Last Dreams of the Millennium – The Re-emergence of British Romantic PaintingStephen Solovy Art Foundation, California Group
1997Tony Bevan Paintings of the 80’s and 90’sBrandenburisge Germany Solo
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1996Masculine MeasureMichael Kohler Arts Centre, Sheboygan, WisconsinGroup
1995Tony Bevan Kopf BilderGalerie Wittenbrink, MunichSolo
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1994Here and Now: Painting since 1970Serpentine Gallery, LondonGroup
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1984Tony BevanChapter Arts Centre, Cardiff, WalesSolo
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1984Off ShoreKunstlerwerkstatt, Munich, Germany; Städtische Galerie, Regensburg, GermanyGroup
1984Problems of PicturingSerpentine Gallery, London Group
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19844 ArtistsBluecoat Gallery, LiverpoolGroup
1983Tony BevanPortraits and Emblems, Galeria Akumulatory 2 Poznan, PolandSolo
1982Tony BevanMatt’s Gallery, LondonSolo
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1981Tony BevanMatt’s Gallery, LondonSolo
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1976Tony BevanRobert Self Gallery, LondonSolo
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1970New Directions in PrintmakingSouth London Art Gallery, UKGroup