Tony Stubbing /   Newton Haydn Stubbing

United Kingdom 1921 - 1983

Abstract Art

Tony Stubbing
Newton Haydn Stubbing
United Kingdom
March 27, 2013
Balasz Takac is alias of Vladimir Bjelicic who is actively engaged in art criticism, curatorial and artistic practice.

Newton Haydn or Tony Stubbing stubbing was born in England but spent much of his life abroad. Firstly, in the late 1940s-1950s in Spain and France, where he began to develop as an artist; then, in later life, he lived between London and America. His hand-print paintings of the 1950s-1960s were the first to earn him an international reputation, Sir Herbert Read chose one as the final image in his influential book A Concise History of Modern Painting, published in 1960. These atmospheric paintings, often on a large-scale, were made with Stubbing’s hands saturated like a living palette.

Featured image: Tony Stubbing – Untitled – image courtesy of Christie’s