Vitali Safronov - Eiszeit Naturfurst, 2011

Vitali Safronov

Russian Federation 1966


Vitali Safronov
Vitali Safronov
Russian Federation
May 20, 2016

Playful and vivid forms of unusual sculptures distinguish Vitali Safronov among today artists. Using the unconventional materials and objects, as sea or nut shells and tree twigs, he creates interesting abstract pieces that sometimes resembles living creatures from the other planet. A wide range of his interests led to the creation of figural sculptures in bronze whose elongated forms seem fragile and graceful. Captured in the motion, his works represent successfully resolved the moment when they reach the peak of accumulated energy.

Vitali Safronov - Balance Einkauferin, 2011
Vitali Safronov – Balance Einkauferin, 2011

Education and Career

Safronov was born in 1966, in Omsk in Russia, where he studied art and design. He always knew that he would be an artist. He continued his education at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart under the Karl-Henning Seemann and Giuseppe Spagnulo. His work has been exhibited in numerous solo and group shows since the first one at the City Hall Saarbrucken in 1999. Besides his work of freelance artist, Safronov also teaches drawing at the Volkshochschule Ludwigsburg and plastic sculpture at Schwahntahler School in Munich. He is currently based in Germany.

Safronov studied art and design

Vitali Safronov - Balance Fruherentner, 2011 (Left) - Balance freier Kunstler, 2011 (Right)
Vitali Safronov – Balance Fruherentner, 2011 (Left) / Balance freier Kunstler, 2011 (Right)

Sculpture in Fictional Motion

Very soon, Safronov found his way of expression and refined his own style from the early beginnings. His sculptures are delicate, profound and fragile. They sometimes seem almost abstract even when it is clear what they represent. With their elongated extremities, it is natural that have the names as Bird or Angel. They extend in boundaries of, for them allotted space and dominate in the motion. Safronov thoughtfully chooses the moment of their representation, focusing on the time just before the next movement.

The artist is represented by Galerie Hegemann, Munich.

Vitali Safronov lives and works in Stuttgart.

Fetured image: Vitali Safronov – Eiszeit Naturfurst, 2011
All images courtesy of Galerie Hegemann

YearExhibition titleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2015UnknownGalerie HegemanDuo
2014Unknown Galerie HegemanDuo
2013Konkret - Abstract Galerie HegemanDuo
2012Russische Balance Galerie HegemanDuo
2011Vitali SafronovArt basement, LaichingenSolo
2010Vitali SafronovArt center "Karlskaserne" LudwigsburgSolo
2010UnknownCarrousel du Louvre, ParisGroup
2009UnknownGrand Palais, ParisGroup
2009UnknownHouse of Art, MunichGroup
2009Vitali SafronovLe Meridien,StuttgartSolo
2008Vitali SafronovKunstverein SweetSolo
2006Vitali SafronovGesundhetszentrum BlaubeuernSolo
2006Vitali Safronovtown of Bad-UrachSolo
2006Vitali SafronovGallery "Swahntahler" in MunichSolo
2006Unknown Art Palace, the baroque castle LudwigsburgGroup
2006Lock type Baroque castle, LudwigsburgGroup
2005Unknown Staufenpark GöppingenGroup
2005Unknown the Haus der Kunst in MunichGroup
2005Vitali SafronovPlace LudwigsburgSolo
2004Unknown the sports club KillesbergGroup
2004Unknown the District Office, LudwigsburgGroup
2004Unknown the Forum- Creativ, HaigerlochGroup
2003Vitali Safronov MannheimSolo
2002 Unknown Gallery "Zapata"Group
2002Unknown Ludwigsburg PalaceGroup
2002Vitali SafronovBönig HomeSolo
2001 Vitali SafronovM CkmühlSolo
2001Unknown Art Academy in StuttgartGroup
1999 Vitali Safronovthe City Hall SaarbrückenSolo