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Vittorio Corsini /   Vittorio Corsini

Italy 1956

Installation, Sculpture

Vittorio Corsini
Vittorio Corsini
March 2, 2016
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There is something truly peaceful and soothing in letting our gaze flow across the landscape; both breathtaking and calming at the same time, it evokes a presence of mind and connects one with memories and history of the place. “The landscape is the end of the gaze. It’s where the gaze goes to die,” said the Italian artist Vittorio Corsini, as his artistic practice is turned towards sculptures and installations inhabiting public places and essentially giving a tour of the local area. The landscape becomes a part of his works, as the viewer combines the impact of both the placed artistic piece and the surroundings.

Vittorio Corsini
Vittorio Corsini – I Have a Head 2, 2004. Photo credits

Walking Down the Memory Lane

There’s more to the landscape than meets the eye, and Corsini’s public installations are often set to reveal what lies beneath the physical realm. Going back to natural shapes, he uses various materials like steel and blown glass, as well as everyday objects in constructing bodies of only essential outlines, emphasizing the fragility or toughness of the material. Focused on what permeates the lives of people in an area, he instills his pieces with the history and memories of the very inhabitants of the place he builds his installations in. His Who’s talking? public art in Luicciana, Italy, is a good example of his practice; combining a street lamp and a seat, Corsini created a spot where people can admire the beautiful landscape surrounding them, while listening to the tales distinctly tied to the small town. The stories told by the inhabitants of Luicciana were previously recorded on the artist’s initiation, and playing them on the streetlamp’s loudspeaker system allows the viewers to connect with the environment.

Vittorio Corsini
Vittorio Corsini – Alba, 2002. Photo credits

Image of Home

More than just the landscape, Vittorio Corsini’s work depicts home in many of his pieces as another aspect of daily life and its dynamic. Carrying on the relationship with the world from his outdoors installations and sculptures, living space becomes a place in which the individuals recognize each other, existing and passing through the same space. Much like with the landscapes, a close relationship is formed between the inhabitants of the closed area, in this case a home, connecting memories of the individuals with the current physical realm. His recent works also represent places of worship, merging architecture and symbolism as the internal space is represented only by its ground plans, furthering the link between community’s spirit and social form.

Vittorio Corsini
Vittorio Corsini – L’aula, 1996. Photo credits

Spanning Beyond Twenty Years

With over twenty years of artistic creation behind him, Vittorio Corsini was born in 1956 and has made some astonishing works both for outdoors and exhibition display. His pieces have been exhibited widely across Italy and Europe, placing urban works since the nineties in courtyards, gardens, squares, as well as finding their way to museums and collections. His approach to the concept of living and sharing a connection with the environment and its history has given us some truly amazing public installations, allowing us to see the landscape as he does: not just as a physical territory, but as a place of memories and shared experiences.

The artist is represented by Gazelli Art House.

Vittorio Corsini lives and works in Florence, Italy.

Featured image: Vittorio Corsini – Movimento, 2013. Photo credits
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YearExhibition TitleMuseum/GallerySolo/Group
2015 Il Peso del Carrello a Altre Sotrie Galleria Cardi, PietrasantaSolo
2015 Synchronicity Museo di Palazzo Pretorio, PratoGroup
2015 The wolf and the tiger Palazzo della permanente, Milano.Group
2015 Untitled Bocconi Art Gallery 5a ed., Università Bocconi. MilanoGroup
2015 Icastica 2015 Galleria Civica di Arte Contemporanea, Arezzo.Group
2014 Reaching the Landscape Galleria Alessandro Bagnai, ItalySolo
2014 Start14 chiesa di San Matteo, Lucca.Group
2013 Once Upon a Time Gazelli Art House, LondonSolo
2013 Incipit Vita Nova The Municipality of Livorno in collaboration with the Association React, Fortezza Nuova, ItalySolo
2013 La seduzione del Monocromo Museo Civicodei Bretti e degli Enotri, Cosenza.Group
2013 Sospensioni Biblioteca Mozzi Borgetti, MacerataGroup
2013 Andata e Ricordo - souvenire de voyage Mart, RoveretoGroup
2013 Sculpture! Make You Dream Art Center, SeoulGroup
2013 Barzagli-Corsini-Savini Galleria Alessandro Bagnai, FirenzeGroup
2013 Oltre il Giardino Palazzo Fabroni, PistoiaGroup
2013 Sispensioni Biblioteca Mozzi Borgetti, MacerataGroup
2013 Sculpture! Make You Dream Art Center, SeoulGroup
2013 There and Again. Souvenir de Voyage Mart, Rovereto, ItalyGroup
2013 Beyond the Garden, Tribute to Piero Porcinai Pistoia, Palazzo Fabroni and Giardino delle Farfalle, ItalyGroup
2013 INCIPIT VITA NOVA Fortezza Nuova, LivornoSolo
2012 Tra voci, carte, voci e notturni Galleria Giacomo Guidi, RomaSolo
2012 Tra voci, carte, rovi e notturni Galleria Civica di Modena, Palazzina dei Giardini, ModenaSolo
2012 La pittura esercizio o libertà? Galleria Giacomo Guidi, RomaGroup
2012 Italian do it better 50 St James’s Street, LondonGroup
2012 Let There Be Light Gazelli Art House, London Group
2012 Meriggio a Carignano Villa al Console , LuccaGroup
2012 muro di china casa Menzio, TorinoGroup
2011 Qualcosa Accadde Fortino, Forte dei Marmi, ItalySolo
2011 LA COSTOLA DELLE COSE Giacomo Guidi Arte Contemporanea, Roma.Solo
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2011 Pittura Concetto Materia Galleria Giacomo Guidi, RomaGroup
2011 Malmaison Corsoveneziaotto, Milan, ItalyGroup
2010 Macrowall – eighties are backMuseo MACRO, Rome, ItalySolo
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2010 Premio Terra Tempio di Adriano, Rome, ItalyGroup
2010 Scultura del XXI secolo Fondazione Pomodoro, Milan, ItalyGroup
2010 Niente da vedere tutto da vivere Istituto del marmo Pietro Tacca, Carrara, ItalyGroup
2009 Orange mood, outsider project Galleria Alessandro Bagnai, Firenze.Solo
2009 Parma#33 ItalySolo
2008 Walkabout Museo Oratorio di Santa Maria della Vita, Bologna, ItalySolo
2008 Codice rosso Fondazione Lazzareschi, Porcari (Lucca).Solo
2008 Uomini, show of the permanent work Ospedale di Campostaggia, Poggibonsi (Siena).Solo
2008 Experimenta Palazzo della Farnesina, Rome, ItalyGroup
2008 Premio Michetta Museo di Palazzo San Domenico, Francavilla a Mare, Italy Group
2008 Yalos Gian Ferrari Arte Contemporanea, Milan, ItalyGroup
2008 Codice Rosso Milan, Lucca, ItalySolo
2008 Ospedale di Capostaggia Poggibonsi, Siena, Italy 2007 Solo
2008 Chi mi parla? Cantagallo, Prato, ItalySolo
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2007 L'abbraccio, Pink marble, trees, vegetables Town of San Casciano.Solo
2007 Chi mi parla?,inox-lamp-talking voices Town of Cantagallo.Solo
2006 Su carta Vertigo Gallery, Cosenza.Solo
2006 Walk-in Alessandro Bagnai Gallery, Firenze.Group
2006 NERVE Hyunnart studio, Roma. Group
2005 I have a head 2 Artra Gallery, MilanSolo
2005 Paesaggi domestici (with Maria Dompè) Under Studio, RomaSolo
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2004 Mosca cieca Salone Villa Romana, FirenzeSolo
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2004 L'arte dei ciliegi, (a tribute to Anton Cechov) Vertigo - International center for culture and visual arts, Cosenza.Group
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1998 Dress Esso Gallery, New York.Solo
1998 Omaggio a Giovanni Caselli Santa Maria della Scala, SienaGroup
1998 Omaggio a Giovanni Caselli Italian institute of Culture, Paris; Italian Group
1998 Omaggio a Giovanni Caselli Italian Institute of Culture, Londra; Group
1998 Omaggio a Giovanni Caselli Tohoku University of Art & Design, Yamagata.Group
1998 Au Rendez-vous des amis (identita' e opera) Luigi Pecci Contemporary Art Center, Prato.Group
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1995 Vittorio Corsini Galleria Corraini, Mantova.Solo
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1992 Vittorio Corsini Galleria Cardi, Milano.Solo
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1989 Vittorio Corsini Galleria L’Attico, Roma.Solo
1989 Vittorio Corsini Galleria Artra, Milano.Solo