William James Stillman/ William James Stillman

United States 1828 - 1901


William James Stillman
William James Stillman
United States

William James Stillman subsequently converted to the profession of journalism, working primarily as a war correspondent in Crete and the Balkans, where he served as his own photographer. For a time, he also served as United States ambassador in Rome, and afterward in Crete during the Cretan insurrections. He helped to train the young Arthur Evans as a war correspondent in the Balkans, and remained a lifelong friend and confidant of Evans. Later in life, he seriously considered taking over the excavation at Knossos from Minos Kalokairinos, who had been stopped from further excavation by the Cretan Assembly.

Featured image: William James Stillman – The Acropolis, detail – image courtesy of Sotheby’s