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Stan Xeme
October 6, 2014
Jean is researcher and author for Widewalls.

Xeme is a Hong Kong based graffiti artist who is primarily dedicated to Chinese letters and patterns – influenced by the small Asian graffiti community and artists that passed by this continent.

If asked for the origin of his artistic name, he says that it doesn’t really means anything. He simply liked the letter “x” and “eme” was just a random combination!

Graffiti as we know them today started in Asia in the early 90s by foreigners and locals began to write quite a few years later. Even though he started writing in late 01, Xeme is considered as a pioneer and one of the first in Asia to start the true art of piecing in Chinese written language. Motivated by a documentary he saw on writers who were explaining how it’s too hard to write and develop in Chinese – Xeme started writing different Chinese words every time he worked on a piece. He would usually piece some random Chinese words: it could be a flash thought, a dedication to someone, a local slang, or anything that comes to his mind at that moment…

Xeme has been painting in Chinese characters and sometimes with Chinese calligraphy on his canvas works just to represent his background, and he is also known for the historic graffiti pieces that he has done utilizing the native Chinese characters.

He continues to develop a new flavor every time he paints and today, Xeme’s work is well respected in all Asia which gave him the opportunity to travel around it to showcase his art works. Xeme is also the creator of the magazine Invasian which covers all of Asia and features artists from all over the world.

He loves to actively collaborate with another HK graffiti artist – Sinic, and one of their last project was a show entitled Made in China, presented in San Francisco.  They had the opportunity to showcase their work but as well to observe the prejudices of China throughout last decades and explore the meaning of originality – by challenging the line between what is authentic and what is fabricated.

Xeme lives and works in Hong Kong.

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group 
2014Made In China1AM San Francisco Gallery, SFDuo
2014 Dubl Trubl >> Ich bin in BerlinUrban Spree, BerlinGroup
2013Work in ProgressAbove Second, Hong KongGroup
2013PlusvltraBad Hotel Gallery, BangkokGroup
2012Portland StreetArtist Residence Gallery, Hong KongDuo
2011KowloonShin Kong Mitsukoshi Culture Hall, TaiwanDuo