Zane Lewis

United States 1981


Zane Lewis
Zane Lewis
United States
September 18, 2014
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Artist Zane Lewis, an elusive and evolving talent, has reemerged within the New York art scene with a fresh and new aesthetic. Though Zane Lewis’s practice has changed drastically over the course of his career, he considers himself foremost a conceptual painter.

He first became known for his “Drip Paintings” (2005-2010), featuring found or pop cultural images and multi-colored cascades of paint. For these works, Lewis developed a technique that allowed the different paint colors to combine without mixing, and to retain a wet look. Since 2009, he has been working on “Shatter Paintings,” in which shards of glass appear to be embedded into a painting’s surface. Lewis describes this series as a turning point, when he became “more interested in apparitions than specific imagery,” and making “painting that never looks the same way twice.” What is most intriguing about these mirrored Shatter Paintings, though, is that they simultaneously engender fragility and danger. These themes reflect a familiar concept of preciousness and dangerousness that we constantly encounter in human life, bringing an organic sensibility into a highly fabricated artwork Other works include a series of hand-made holographic paintings.

He made the first “drip” painting in late 2005. Before that he had been making sculptures and installations which incorporated colored liquids and mechanisms that dripped ink. His desire was to take that way of working and implement it into a painting. Intrigued by the idea of a kinetic painting, he was struggling with wanting to use paint instead of the colored liquids he was accustomed to.Result is the following – He developed a technique that cascaded many colors of paint at once without the paint mixing together into a single color or becoming murky.

Lewis often alludes to religious notions and iconography, as said in his own words – „That’s pretty much where the drip element came into play. The paint drip sometimes was to emphasize visual stigmata, christening the image and yielding it religious nobility, while simultaneously discussing worship of false idols.“

Naming Willy Wonka as his hero, in one of his interviews, he also enlist a massive round of his influences, here are just a latest “few”- cosmetic displays, ginger bread houses, wilting flower arrangements, the perfume scents in magazines, the elephant man (Joseph Merrick), old masters paintings, church interiors, old rock n roll, vomit rainbows, candy stores, waterfalls, bleeding, blood, Jimmy Dean, black mirrors, black crystals, black acid, black cats, anything black (or glowing pink), broken glass, holograms, gold skulls, glaciers and blue ice burgs etc…

Born in 1981, San Antonio, Texas, lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group 
2010Think PinkGavlak Gallery, Palm Beach, FLGroup
2009Watch Me Slowly DeathMixed Greens, New York City, NYSolo
200910th Anniversary ExhibitionMixed Greens, New York City, NYGroup
2008Boys of SummerMoniquemeloche, Chicago, ILGroup
2008FACE FORWARDLeRoy Neiman Gallery, New York City, NYGroup
2007Zane LewisMixed Greens, New York City, NYSolo
2007I WANT Candy: The Sweet Stuff in American ArtHudson River Museum, Yonkers, NYGroup
2006Zane LewisFinesilver Gallery, San Antonio, San Antonio, TXSolo
2006Landscape Re-ImaginedMargaret Thatcher Projects, New York City, NYGroup
2006"Draw" TourFuse Gallery, New York City, NYGroup