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    Joël Urruty - Lion, 2019 (detail)
    Abstract Art, Figurative Art Nikola Milosevic
    Working in wood and bronze, Joël Urruty is an American artist who creates both abstract and figurative sculptures, as well as wall assemblages.
    Marc Chagall, artist, photo credits - Drawing Academy
    Cubism Jasmine Lark
    Marc Chagall was a Belorussian-born Russian-French Modernist artist whose career spanned over seventy years.
    Joan Miro 1
    Surrealism, Figurative Art, Dada Milja Ficpatrik
    A Spanish artist of great critical acclaim, Joan Miro was one of the key representatives of Surrealism that refused to identify himself as such.
    Josef Albers portrait
    Abstract Art, Modernism Bojan Zlatkov
    Josef Albers was a German painter and color theorist, known for Homage to the Square, a series of paintings exploring the artistic language of colors.
    Minimal Art, Abstract Art Milja Ficpatrik
    RICHARD CALDICOTT is a British artist who explores mainly photography by creating abstract compositions.
    KAWS - portrait, photo via AP
    Urban Art Jasmine Lark
    Brian Donnelly aka KAWS is an American artist best known for designing limited edition toys and clothing, inspired by the iconic pop culture characters.
    Syd Solomon - Clearay, 1971 (detail)
    Abstract Art Nikola Milosevic
    Syd Solomon is best known for works illustrating his fascination with the climatic and overall environmental conditions of land, sea, and sky.
    Takashi Murakami - Mr Dob (Original), 2016
    Superflat Lor Dethal
    An artist who works in fine arts media, Takashi Murakami is known for blurring the line between high and low arts while representing the Japanese culture.
    Tyler Shields, artist, photo credits - Miller Gallery
    Tyler Shields is a Los Angeles-based photographer, film director and writer best known for his provocative images of Hollywood celebrities.
    Thomas Ruff - portrait - photo via davidzwirnerbooks
    Thomas Ruff is a German artist internationally acclaimed for his explorations of photography in serial works, portraits, and, most recently, digital images.
    Walter Darby Bannard - Ozark Rocket, 1978, detail - image courtesy of Berry Campbell Gallery
    Abstract Art Balasz Takac
    Walter Darby Bannard was an American abstract painter, notable curator and writer on art.
    Rick Lewis - Slow Swirl, 2016 (detail)
    Abstract Art Nikola Milosevic
    Rick Lewis is an American contemporary artist who works as an abstract painter, drawer, printmaker, photographer, and sculptor.
    David Yarrow - Detail from the portrait, Image copyrights © David Yarrow
    David Yarrow is a British photographer, an ex-businessman, now famous for his black and white images of endangered animals and remote landscapes.
    Ryan McGinness - profile
    Calligraphy, Psychedelic art, Neo-Pop Dea K.
    Ryan McGinness is a New York-based contemporary artist, known for his psychedelic paintings and sculptures that merge slick biomorphic abstraction with surrealistic imagery.
    Pablo Picasso, 1971
    Surrealism, Abstract Art, Cubism, Plastic arts Milja Ficpatrik
    One of the most known artists of the 20th century, Pablo Picasso marked the artistic history with his prolific pieces varying in style and technique.
    Urban Art, Pop Art Maximilian Braun
    Leaving a resonating effect on the street art of New York and art in general, Keith Haring created largely public available artwork in the 20th century,
    Deborah Bigeleisen - Wings, 2001 (detail)
    Abstract Art, Figurative Art Nikola Milosevic
    Deborah Bigeleisen is an American contemporary artist widely known for her floral paintings, always using a single image of a flower as her inspiration.
    John Van Alstine - Sisyphean Circle LVIX (detail)
    Abstract Art Nikola Milosevic
    John Van Alstine is an American contemporary artist known for his sculptures made of stone and metal, usually granite or slate, and found object steel.