00857773 - The Sum of Circulation (detail)

00857773 / Unknown


September 16, 2014

00857773 is an American contemporary artist represented by Culture District Online Gallery, whose identity stays unknown.

Artist Statement:

"I was trained as an illustrator in college in the western region of America. My art reflects illustrations from stories that are real and imagined. I might have a bond with stories that rivals familial ties. I always find that I am moved in some way by some part of any story. I usually think about a story for a long time; I imagine a single part of the story in what seems like tons of ways. I change the color scheme, placement of things, or proportion of the elements of the drawing in my head before I lay the initial drawing. I have some notion of color but work it completely out as the painting progresses. I think because I daydream so much that most of my work involve fantasy or dream-like concepts. It takes a while to finish a piece; I layer and layer as I learn more and more about the work being created, or I detract and simplify if things are getting complicated. I want my work to tell a story that people can relate to or at which they can marvel."

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