Adam Barker-Mill - Widescreen 3, 2013

Adam Barker-Mill

November 11, 2013

A British artist, Adam Barker-Mill examines the physical and experimental properties of light. This interest originated from his childhood fascination with the caves located in his hometown of Somerset.

Born in 1940 in Somerset, Barker Mill lives and works in London and Southampton. He graduated from Winchester College and Magdalen College Oxford. He holds BA in Modern Languages (French/German) . In1962, he began studying painting, experiments with color animation on 8mm film. In 1963, he enrolled London School of Film Technique, Brixton. A professional cinematographer for experimental films and an Oscar-winner, Barker Mill switched career and became an artist, creating abstract and largely sculptural art works. His work has been exhibited in a range of venues, including Bartha Contemporary London, Nastro Azzurro, Star Gallery/Botao Gallery, Nagoya, Japan, Laure Genillard, London, Peacock Visual Arts, Aberdeen and Stacks, Sleeper Edinburgh.

Revisiting his concerns for light, which he initially began working on in the sixties, Barker Mill creates works with a deceptively simplistic appearance, allowing the viewer to maintain an idealistic visual. Highly engaging, his sculptures are characterized by the various light effects and constantly changing experience. Subtle and surprising, the effects of his works create a perceptual distortion.

Featured image: Adam Barker-Mill - Widescreen 3, 2013. Strip wood, Fibreglass, LED Strip, electronic LED converter. 18 9/10 × 53 9/10 × 7 1/10 in. 48 × 137 × 18 cm. Photo courtesy Bartha Contemporary