Alberto Giacometti - Photo of the artist in his studio - Image via dailyartfixx

Alberto Giacometti

Surrealism, Expressionism
The exhibition view of The Walking Man at the Fondation Giacometti Institut
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An icon of 20th-century art, Alberto Giacometti's Walking Man embodies the artist's quest to represent the essential aspect of the human being.

Salvador Dali - The Inferno (detail)
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Alberto Giacometti – Ottilia sur son lit de mort
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The upcoming exhibition at Kunsthaus Zurich will be focused on the portrait of Ottilia, daughter and sister of the Giacometti artists.

Alberto Giacometti - Dog, 1951
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The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum is about to release the new retrospective of the works of one of the greatest modernist sculptors, Alberto Giacometti.

Alberto Giacometti und Francis Bacon, 1965
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The extensive and exciting exhibition devoted to the relationship between Bacon and Giacometti is going to be showcased at the Fondation Beyeler.

Louise Bourgeois - Maman, 1999 - Image via wikipediaorg
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Bronze sculpture has a long history - here we take a look at its ancient history and the way modern artists adapted the material to their own needs.

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GMA 1109
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The major retrospective of Alberto Giacometti artwork at Tate Modern will trace the full evolution of his career across five decades.