Allan Bennetts - Stereo Stack III, 2020 (detail)

Allan Bennetts

Figurative Art

November 23, 2020

Allan Bennetts is an American contemporary artist widely known for his paintings and drawings. Through his practice, he seeks to examine the varied positions consumer technologies occupy in both our collective and individual perception.

Born in 1994 in the Detroit area, Bennetts currently lives in Ferndale, MI. From a very young age, drawing, painting, and music have been constant companions. He graduated from Wayne State University, Detroit, MI and Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hills, MI. Prior to acquiring his BFA and MFA, he attended Center for Creative Studies (drawing, painting, and theory courses), Detroit, MI and studied in the workshop of Steven Assael, New York, NY. He exhibited widely, including institutions like ;Edward Cella Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, Cranbrook Art Museum, Bloomfield Hills, MI, Forum Gallery, Bloomfield Hills, MI, Detroit Artists Market Gallery, Detroit, MI, Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, OH, Wayne State University Art Department Gallery, Detroit, MI, and Detroit Artists Market Gallery, Detroit, MI. He is the recipient of 2019 Museum Purchase Award Nominee, Cranbrook Museum Of Art, Bloomfield Hills, MI, among other awards.

Through a slow, laborious painting process from direct observation, the artist translates his engagement with these familiar, often intimate objects of consumer technology. He rebuilds these products as paintings, transforming it as a painted representation to contemplate.

Featured image: Allan Bennetts - Stereo Stack III, 2020 (detail). Oil on linen. 38 × 30 in. 96.5 × 76.2 cm. Photo courtesy Miles McEnery Gallery