Andres Serrano

Collectors' Tip, Top Lists   |   Balasz Takac

For this edition of collectors tip, we selected ten outstanding artworks produced during the 1980s that you can add to your art collection now!

The Game- All Things Trump, a multi-media installation by Andres Serrano. Images Courtesy of a:political and ArtX. Photo by John Mireles
Exhibition Announcements   |   Elena Martinique

The latest Andres Serrano multimedia installation paints a multifaceted portrait of Donald Trump, while holding a mirror for America.

Frieze New York 2017 1
Art Fairs, Exhibition Reviews   |   Zachary Small

Many takes on Donald Trump but also a more welcoming, versatile approach, characterize the 2017 Frieze New York as one of this year's highlight art events.

Artist(s) in Focus, Provoke! (NSFW), Photography   |   Amy Lin

Religion, death, sex and violence entangle in shocking photographs by Andres Serrano that unveil the very core of human nature.

David Robbins - Talent, 1986, detail
Photography, Exhibition Announcements   |   Angie Kordic

Headshots by world's greatest masters of portrait photography are on view at New York's ClampArt, in a group exhibition exploring contemporary portraiture

Post Pop East Meets West FEATURE

Up until the end of February, the public in London and its guests will have a chance to see a variety of creative (and already cult) artistic expressions of our time…