Anne Pharel - Carved Tree #4, 2018-2019 (detail)

Anne Pharel

January 27, 2021

Anne Pharel is a French artist working in various fields, including drawing, sculpture, writing, but is perhaps best known for her photography. She takes her viewers to the heart of nature, captured during her nocturnal wanderings - roots, leaves, streams, and trunks punctuate these suspended moments. The central theme is time, and these works display the effects that the passing of time has on nature, combined with Pharel’s characteristic diffusion. Every work evokes the transience of the moment. Alongside her artistic creation, she has also been involved in the design and organization of numerous exhibitions, writing for websites and various art catalogs, and writing and developing the layout for photographic books.

Featured image: Anne Pharel - Carved Tree #4, 2018-2019 (detail). C-type print mounted on aluminum. 23 3/5 × 31 1/2 × 3 1/10 in. 60 × 80 × 8 cm. Edition of 3. Photo courtesy Galerie XII