Artlap - portrait

ArtLap / Yulia and Dmitry Lapatin

Abstract Art

July 6, 2018

It is an inexplicable gift to complement one another in life and art – we think this could be a perfect motto for us.

ArtLap is a project of two: Yulia and Dmitry Lapatin. Originally from Russia, the couple met in Thailand where they now live and create. Working side by side every day, they bring abstract artwork into existence by exploring different techniques until the duo produces a unique piece of art. ArtLap’s medium of choice tends to be acrylics on canvas however,

We’re not afraid to experiment with other mediums and textures such as paper, wood, glue, fabrics, plastic, threads etc.

Dmitry usually plans and sketches out his artwork, while Yulia begins with an emotion and follows its momentum of inspiration when creating.

Being an artistic couple is an everyday learning process. We constantly share ideas, talk about art at home, and discuss the best way to realize new artwork. We are an eternal support and an inspiration for each other and this is the balance we have found for our art and life.

Featured image: Artlap - portrait. © Artlap