Astolfo Funes - portrait

Astolfo Funes

Conceptual Art, Figurative Art

January 20, 2021

Astolfo Funes is a Venezuelan contemporary artist best known for pictorial works, though he has also created large-scale installations on PVC. His paintings represent femininity and he is influenced by literature and other artists such as Oswaldo Vigas and Willem De Kooning, but also post-war German art. Funes’ conceptual research is linked to femininity but not limited by it. The mood, occasion, and attention to gesture become the leitmotif of his interpretation of beauty, pleasure, and sin, between reality and artifice. Born in Maracay, the artist moved to the United States in 2011, settling in Miami.

Featured image: Astolfo Funes - portrait. Photo courtesy Primo Piano LivinGallery