Bartos Saro

Abstract Art

December 9, 2020

Preferring to work in mixed media, Bartos Saro is a Hungarian contemporary artist whose work focuses on the structure of materials. An art historian and sculptor by profession, he studied in his homeland and the UK. Having started his career in the field of modern design, he reached the level of a partner in a furniture showroom company where he could put to work his methodically working but open mind. However, the corporational restraints and pressure accumulated, and he left the industry. Inspired by landscape and nature, Saro is also inspired by forms and colors, despite his work being very abstract. Believing that there is a spirit in matter and that shapes and forms can reflect basic experiences attached to emotions, he enjoys creating tension and drama. The artist also uses sand in his paintings to emphasize the relationship between his art and nature. Bartos Saro used to have a studio in London but has moved to a quieter place near Bristol.