Bask / Ales Bask Hostomsky

The deepest depths of the burrow poster (courtesy of

The Deepest Depths of the Burrow, a documentary about famous Nychos and his works around the globe has its premiere in San Francisco.


1AM is for certain one of the most active galleries in the art world. Year 2014 serves as a proof to such statement as this gallery held so many exhibitions


Upcoming exhibitions next week are: Augustine Kofie at Openspace in Paris; Julia Benz at Die Kunstagentin in Cologne; Bask and Tes One at 1AM Gallery; Horfee will be exhibiting at Ruttkowski;68; and in London Hang-Up will hang up it’s Christmas collection...

TES ONE - bear_with_me 1

After 20 years of amazing friendship that started through the love of graffiti, comics and and intemperate creativity, the two Florida based artists Bask and Tes One have decided to show results of their two decade long career.


Street art festival POW WOW Hawaii 2014 officially ended on February 15. Kaka’ako landscape transformation was again a huge success. Today, we bring you our final report of those not yet featured murals.