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Urban Art
Tristan Eaton
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America, the melting pot of different cultures has proved to be extremely fertile ground for all kinds of artistic expressions imaginable. Home of the brave, land of the free, this is even more true when it comes to urban art.

Doug Beube - Collpase, 1998. 12 x 68 x 3.75 inches. Courtesy of JHB Gallery
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Art on Paper is an art fair from the producers of Miami Project that is launching in March, 2015 at Pier 36, located in the waterfront area of Manhatten

Adidas x HVW8 - Kevin Lyons
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Join us as we explore the ten most exciting events, products, programs and shows which marked 2014’s artists adventures within the design world.

Shepard Fairey - Peace Lotus, 2008 - detail
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Widewalls team devoted to the exploration of the art market has analyzed the results of the Digard auction, showing you the most interesting highlights, descriptions of particular lots and all the relevant figures.

Pantonio - Canarios, 2014 - detail
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We have prepared an extensive and detailed preview of the upcoming auction which is going to be held by Digard Auction house on December 14th 2014. Find out everything you need to know to be prepared for the auction!

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Currently at Artnet Auctions you can bid a wide range of great artworks by masters of contemporary urban art. Up for sale are the pieces of 42 famous artists, some of whom are icons of the genre like Basquiat, while others do not lack fame either.


The American fashion designer Marc Jacobs acquires the talent of street artists BÄST. The artist and the designer collaborated to produce canvas high-top sneakers. BÄST designed each high top individually, making them a truly unique artwork.


Alexandros Vasmoulakis invited international and Greek urban artists to his hometown to host ‘Intermission’, a group show including Paul Insect, Bäst, Rostarr and Saber