Beejoir / Unknown

Urban Art

January 21, 2014

The artist Beejoir is best known for his dry-humored and politically focused street art. He works in a broad variety of media experimenting with painting, printmaking, sculpture, photography and stencil. Beejoir was born in the UK but now spends much of his time living and practicing in Bangkok, Thailand. He exhibits in both the UK and abroad and has an international following. Beejoir’s trademark slurs and rants have appeared on walls all over the world, and his unique style of formulating two very different images together has created some beautiful and powerful images over the past few years. Among his best-known images are his LV Child, Turin Scam and his dripping spot paintings. His trademark slurs and political rants have appeared on walls from Bangkok to Shoreditch. Painting, printmaking, sculpture, photography and stencils are his mediums. Contrasting visual elements and saturated colors make his work personal and accessible eye catching. One step beyond and the familiar, comfortable frame disappears leaving yourself mumbling and scratching your head, immersed in considerations regarding the ultra-violent nature of the shiny happy people, the unsustainable way of living we are buried in and a huge feeling of guilt.