Ben Hecht - Aquas Aliis Vitrius H1, 2019 (detail)

Ben Hecht

November 4, 2020

Ben Hecht is an American artist whose work is focused on mixed media encaustic (beeswax) combined with his original landscape photography of nature, primarily aerial views of the ocean. He often uses drones to achieve a unique perspective on his subject, along with an unexpected combination of materials such as beeswax and UV resin, which results in works that are immediate and recognizable yet foreign and mysterious. Ben Hecht is based in Southern California, and his work has been shown publicly since 1994.

Featured image: Ben Hecht - Aquas Aliis Vitrius H1, 2019 (detail). Encaustic - 3D. 48 × 96 in. 121.9 × 243.8 cm. Photo courtesy Whistler Contemporary