Bernhard Adams

Abstract Art

February 5, 2021

Avoiding depictions of the real world, Bernhard Adams is a German artist who focuses on abstract art, creating captivating paintings. Everything in his imagery is about paint, the surface of the canvas, and his body movement. The artist develops his works by “studying the night sky and all the stories that mankind has projected into it.” Originally a law student, Adams realized that art is not just a pastime for him and quit after a year. He then started his studies in Media and Culture Science and began to express himself visually through photography. It was during these studies that he started painting, finding in it all the little things photography couldn’t provide for him – movement, directness, tactile feeling, etc. In 2018, the artist completed his Master’s degree in painting from Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, the class of Katharina Grosse. Born in Cologne, Bernhard Adams lives and works in Wuppertal.