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Bezt / Mateusz Gapski

Graffiti, Illustration

March 17, 2014

The peculiar take on representation in graffiti art in the work of Bezt has made him perhaps one of the most interesting figures within the Polish scene. The fine drawing, distinct coloring, and overall approach to the surface reflect the artist’s high painterly domains. Regardless of the media, Bezt invests tremendous efforts in creating strong narratives which should deliver the certain message. Fantastical, perhaps mythical or even dreamy, his works can certainly be perceived as images from another world. Nevertheless, Bezt’s solo works are inseparable from his activity within a duo called Etam Cru, which he formed with the artist Sainer.

Bezt and sainer are Etam Cru  and they have been showing the works outside gallery space
Bezt - Mural - image courtesy of the artist

Becoming The Bezt

Bezt was born in 1987 in Turek, Poland. He finished the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź, where he met Sanier and the two started painting together. Besides the collaboration, Bezt soon became a successful commercial artists and freelance designers. Bezt is particularly specialized in frescoes and has released a large number of public works usually on facades of dim and gray buildings from socialist era. At the current moment, Bezt splits his time between traveling around Europe together with Sanier to paint murals at a variety of street art festivals and producing his individual work and exhibiting solo shows.

Almost comic book approach to the drawing and coloring

Besides walls he has been using canvas and oil and that can be seen on his blog
Bezt - Mural - image courtesy of the artist

The Personal Style of Bezt

The artist handles several media at once, but primarily he's an illustrator, muralist, and painter. The employment of floral motifs, animals and woman portraits is interwoven with metaphors and symbols often borrowed from local folklore. Although his works strive for realism, they are still maintained in a characteristic style sourced from graffiti. At the same time, the artist very often juxtaposes representational and deconstructive geometric elements. The contrasting colors separate the figures from the background perfectly enabling the observer to see the composition beautifully.

The outstanding beauty of Bezt mural in New Zealand

Together with Sanier he has produced graffiti and canvas works of distinct beauty and particular message
Bezt - When The Hunter Becomes The Hunted - image via streetartnews

Commissioned Works

In 2015 Bezt has been invited to participate in MyFinBec project, dedicated to urban art, organized by Swiss winery FinBec. They have commissioned artists to create artworks to be used on labels of their fine organic wine, so Bezt provided the highly imaginative solution. Together with Natalia Rak, Bezt was commissioned the mural Knocking on Heavens door for the inaugurating of the brand new RAD Napa project. Polish art duo battled the horrid weather, creating a striking image consisting of landscape, figurative work, and with the use of vibrant, over saturated colors for full effect.

The magical compositions unveil artist's quest for utopia

You can shop his and Sanier prints post them for free to close person who likes art
Bezt in collaboration with Pener - The Healer - image via graffuturism

The Magical Worlds of Bezt

Being the part of Etam Cru, Bezt was able to develop and perfect further his own inspiration. His works can be found on various buildings and with those ephemeral images, the artist surely goes beyond the borders of the graffiti as an artistic expression. As the times passed by, Bezt’s activity increased and he participated in a number of exhibitions and festivals. That goes along with the Etam Cru since they have created works all over the world, including their murals in the USA. Whether working by himself or in duo, the work of Bezt definitely reflects the artist’s outstanding efforts not only to beautify the chosen site but to employ the context and the atmosphere in order to achieve the best possible result.

Bezt lives and works in Turek.

Featured image: Bezt - Artwork - image courtesy of Pinterest
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