Bill Kane - EM2020-20, 2019 (detail)

Bill Kane

Abstract Art

February 20, 2013

Bill Kane is an American contemporary artist whose work intersects the boundaries of photography, painting, and printmaking, trying to examine the idea of what an image is and can be. He has experimented with different methods and materials since the late 1970s. Photography and its fundamental elements have consistently informed this work. His latest series, titled Emanations, is an attempt to express the spiritual potential of the most essential aspect of photography: light. It’s inspired by a chance encounter Kane had with a Buddhist monk, who told him that images of the Buddhas bestow blessings upon those who view them.

Featured image: Bill Kane - EM2020-20, 2019 (detail). Pigment on watercolor paper. 20 x 20 in. 50.8 x 50.8 cm. Photo courtesy IdeelArt