Borondo - intervention in Albany (AUS) for PUBLIC 2016, photo Bewley Shaylor

Borondo / Gonzalo Borondo

Urban Art, Murals
The Tambourine Players by Colectivo Licuado
Street Update   |   Elena Martinique

It is that time of the month when we look back and bring you some of the most fascinating pieces of street art created all around the world.

Matière Noire - Act I, Projection - Caverna, collaboration with Isaac Cordal © Blind Eye Factory 1
Exhibition Announcements   |   Elena Martinique

In his biggest exhibition to date at Galerie Saint Laurent, Gonzalo Borondo explores dark matter and the uniqueness of reality and its representations.

Galleria Varsi - Colera Group Show Preparation, 2017
Exhibition Announcements   |   Smirna K

Six artists meet to create an exploration of monotype art which will soon cover all surfaces of Galleria Varsi with more than two hundred of their works.

CIREDZ - Matematica
Exhibition Announcements   |   Angie Kordic

The 2nd edition of silkscreen art in a group exhibition is coming up to Rome's Galleria Varsi, featuring the works of 24 urban and contemporary artists.

David de la Mano Mural, via urbanite com
Artist(s) in Focus, Top Lists   |   Matt Randal

Learn more about the most famous Spanish artists who have contributed greatly to the contemporary and urban art scene.

Pejac via whodat de 1200
Top Lists   |   Ana Moriarty

Instagram is taking the world by storm, so let's check out the ten most liked Instagram art posts in the month of June 2016! Read all about them here!

Borondo mural in Berlin, via streetartnews net
Art News   |   Elena Martinique

Borondo mural in Berlin carrying a strong political statement has led the residents to launch a petition for its removal.

Borondo 1200 via streetartnews net
Street Update   |   Ana Moriarty

Which great murals have emerged in the streets all over the world in the week behind us? If you want to find out, read our latest edition of Street Update.