Bridget Riley - Photo of the artist - Image via thatsnotmyagecom

Bridget Riley

Bridget Riley - High Sky, 1991
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A Bridget Riley survey at the National Galleries of Scotland features seven decades of works and ephemera tracing the career of one of the most influential artists living today.

Carlos Cruz-Diez - Chromosaturation
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The upcoming exhibition Action Reaction at The Kunsthal Rotterdam will feature the most important works of kinetic art and reevaluate them.

Otto Steinert - Luminogram II, 1952
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Tate Modern will explore the developments in photography and abstract art side-by-side, featuring over 300 works by more than 100 artists.

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Although facing many gender-based restrictions, these famous female painters created a fascinating body of work and managed to gain well-deserved recognition and place in art history.

Andy Warhol - Brillo Boxes at Stable Gallery, 1964. Image via
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1960s art saw the rise of some of the most significant movements in art history. Explore all the different ways 60s art changed the face of creativity forever.
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Who are the most famous British painters of the 20th century? Learn more about these British artists who stand at the forefront of revolutionary movements and ideas.
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Line art hides all the mysteries and ideas of the creative process and it can take a variety of forms and categories. See some examples from line artists here.

Keith Haring - Untitled (detail), 1984 (courtesy of

Art Basel 2015 VIP opening saw some remarkable sales. As soon as Art Basel opened its door, sales were popping at every turn.