Btoy portrait - Image courtesy of the artist

Btoy / Andrea Michaelsson

Urban Art
David de la Mano Mural, via urbanite com
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Learn more about the most famous Spanish artists who have contributed greatly to the contemporary and urban art scene.

BTOY - City in Progress (3), detail
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Black Friday is here, and it is time to spend some of your money on art! We give you ten great artworks that are totally affordable, for under $1,000.

BTOY - Caiguda Castellers I

The MYA Gallery, located in the heart of the East End of London, has announced a forthcoming group exhibition described as Urban-Contemporary colour from the streets of Spain.


Berlin based Urban Nation has announced a new exhibition entitled Cut It Out! that is an international group show dedicated to the art of the stencil.

A1ONE - Hafez Series (#3)1

Street art has come a long way since its beginnings in the 70s in the USA. Today, graffiti and street art permeates every part of people’s lives, it’s on every corner, in homes and galleries.

Dress Your Wall - Mural 2014

The third edition of Dress Your Wall, a market of graphic art, is due to take place at Miscelanea in the Raval district of Barcelona, Spain.

Btoy's Exhibition

Barcelona based street artist BTOY (Andrea Michaelsson) was selected to present her great series of twenty three stencils portraits titled Identity, featuring female heroines of the past, present and tomorrow.

Conturbanaries 2

Conturbanaries Art Fair in Berlin is happening for the second time in a row, simultaneously with the Berlin Art Week.