Calvin Teng - Accumulate, 2020 (detail)

Calvin Teng / Calvin Chih-Hao Teng

Abstract Art

November 9, 2020

Born in Guangdong, Calvin Teng is a Taiwanese contemporary artist widely known and recognized for his serene abstract paintings. He has adopted a unique approach, depicting the sublime beauty of landscapes by transcending their original outlines into abstract forms and spirits. Starting his career as a self-taught artist, he was fortunate enough to encounter a master painter from Singapore. This faithful meeting occurred in 1995, and Teng, under his master’s guidance, found his love and passion for abstract painting, a world he was previously unacquainted with. In time, he completely shifted his paradigm from creating representational works to abstract ones. Apart from painting, Calving Teng has also worked as a folk singer and songwriter, author, and manager of his own restaurant. He has also dedicated incredible 30 years to perfecting his craft in children's theater as a director, playwright, and actor.

Featured image: Calvin Teng - Accumulate, 2020 (detail). Oil and acrylic on canvas. 35 11/25 × 37 37/100 × 1 24/25 in. 90 × 94.9 × 5 cm. Photo courtesy Whistler Contemporary