Caroline Christie - Chasing The Wind (detail)

Caroline Christie

Figurative Art

October 19, 2020

Caroline Christie is a Scottish-born contemporary painter and photographer, best known for her photographs of wild horses. She captured images of these beautiful animals during a journey to Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountains. There she found herself drawn to the ballet-like interplay between these horses, especially pairs of them, who maneuvered around each other like tango dancers tentatively sizing up a new partner. Christie actually has great respect for all nature, especially leaves and their subtle imperfections, harmonious colors, and striking beauty, making them her subject for a series of paintings. Born and raised in the Highlands of Scotland, she moved to the United States in her teens, eventually settling in Western Massachusetts. She is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst’s fine art program.

Featured image: Caroline Christie - Chasing The Wind (detail). C-Type Photographic Print on Archival Paper. 48 × 72 in. 121.9 × 182.9 cm. This is part of a limited edition set. Photo courtesy Isabella Garrucho Fine Art