Carrie Able

Abstract Art, Figurative Art

September 23, 2020

Based in New York, Carrie Able is a visual artist, musician, and XR Artist. Her work combines and expands the practices of painting, music, performance, virtual, and augmented reality. She creates art as a daily physiological necessity, hoping that her works will bring others joy, comfort, and hope as they do for her. While she is at the forefront of VR and AR art, pioneering and promoting them, Able has been a “traditional” painter for more than twenty years, working with oil on linen. Her earliest pieces focused on realism in the renaissance masters oil technique, however, for the past eight years, her oil paintings have been shifting between figurative and abstract. Without any external visual references, sound bites or imported files, she lets her subconscious mind guide her hand.

“Interactive new media components cause viewers to consider more traditional elements in a new light, while painting and sculpture lend their strong history and culture to the new terrain of XR Art. There are inevitably parts of my female and queer identity in my work but that is not my intentional focus.”

Besides creating art, Able is also quite active in other fields as well. In 2016, she published “Painted Poetry”, her first book of poetry. As a musician, she released her debut solo album “frequency” on September 20th, 2017. She was a keynote speaker at the Kristal Elma Festivali in Istanbul on Oct 5th, 2017, where she talked about her life and experiences as a musician and artist, opening and closing the keynote with two of her poems. Another important milestone in her career was the opening of Carrie Able Gallery in September 2016 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The gallery showcases her own works, amongst some of the most exciting emerging to established visual artists. These are discovered via an open submission policy and are evaluated and chosen based solely on the art itself without consideration of their CV or biographical information.