Carson Cartier - portrait

Carson Cartier

Abstract Art

February 9, 2021

Carson Cartier is an abstract Canadian artist who seeks to unify painting, photography and fashion through his work. His paintings can be read as gestural abstract representations of forward thinking aspects of the contemporary human condition, such as speed, technology, and motion. Cartier employs untraditional painting tools and methods in order to create compositions that, although painterly, almost seem to be digitally produced. This convergence of the human mark with a cyber-inspired aesthetic is an expression of the emergence of the human race into a new age of technological advancement.

His visual language is intentionally sparse, relying solely on black and white, and decidedly linear—a reference to the linear aesthetic vision of the Futurist painters, who were also concerned with such issues as speed, technology, and innovation. In fact, Cartier frequently invokes the Futurists philosophy and energy in his titles and personal writings about his work. Cartier is based in Vancouver, Canada.

Featured image: Carson Cartier - portrait. Photo courtesy IdeelArt