Cecilia Arróspide - NUEVO, 2019 (detail)

Cecilia Arrospide / Cecilia Fernández de Arróspide

Surrealism, Abstract Expressionism

October 19, 2020

Cecilia Arróspide is a Peruvian artist whose work is mainly abstract expressionist, but she also creates artworks that can be categorized as surrealist. She loves working with oils since they give her many possibilities she does not find in other media. For her, painting is a way to enjoy color and the process, and compositions she creates always start with nature, mostly flowers, skies, or the ocean. Before working on canvas, Arróspide produces photographs and sketches she later transforms in her paintings. When working with collages on paper or wood, she uses acrylics, ink, and cuttings of the photographic work she prepares in advance. These works result in surrealism.

Featured image: Cecilia Arróspide - NUEVO, 2019 (detail). Oil on Canvas. 39 × 49 in. 99.1 × 124.5 cm. This is a unique work. Photo courtesy Isabella Garrucho Fine Art