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Charlotte Keates

November 8, 2015

Charlotte Keates is a talented young artist from the United Kingdom, known for her paintings and drawings. She was born in 1990 in Somerset, United Kingdom. She is also interested in interior design and works at the Design Centre Chelsea Harbour in London, United Kingdom. Charlotte Keates has been featured in Harpers Bazaar in September 2012, with The Porthminster Gallery; and in Atlas Magazine in 2014.

The painting by Charlotte Keates

charlotte keates branch
Charlotte Keates - Branch

The artist's biggest source of inspiration are 1960's and 1970's classical architectural interiors, as well as the outdoors. She takes a beautiful location or setting and makes it the base of the painting, intertwined with the interior. Her narratives are sometimes ambiguous, and leave the viewer the opportunity to unfold the story, using their own imagination and experiences. The works often feature sea, swimming pools and birch trees.

Charlotte went to Falmouth University, a multi-arts university located in Falmouth and Penryn, Cornwall, where she earned her Bachelor degree in Fine Art.

Discover Diptych

charlotte keates - discover
Charlotte Keates - Discover

She has exhibited her works in many exhibitions and art fairs throughout the United Kingdom. The venues where the artist has exhibited include Project Gallery in Arundel, Arusha Gallery in Edinburgh, The Gatehouse Gallery in Guernsey, Channel Islands; Coomb Gallery in Dartmouth, and art fairs with Arusha Gallery, such as Edinburgh Art Fair 2015, Manchester Art Fair 2015, Aberdeen Art Fair 2015, Bristol Art Fair 2015 and Liverpool Art Fair 2015.

She is represented by Arusha Gallery from Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

Charlotte Keates currently lives and works in London, United Kingdom.

Featured image: Charlotte Keates - Vacated (detail)
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